Two Plus One Way

Things got out of hand when Bernice’s two admirers knew of each other, pitting them together for a race to get her love. Single she was, but the frequency of meeting Jon (in class) paired them in a relationship that she learnt about the ways of love. Spending time on dates and in bed, he was the romantic kind of guy that gave in to her every request.

Bernard: ‘Eh? Jon is not picking you up today?’
Bernice: ‘Nope. He has consultations. I’m going home myself.’

Remaining as friends, Bernard had no chance to break her first relationship she held so dearly up. When she went to the ladies after class, he waited for her outside, until five minutes had passed and she was still nowhere to be seen.

Bernard (shouting): ‘Bern, you ok?’
Bernice (shouting): ‘Yeah. Stomachache. Coming out now.’

The emptiness of the toilet was already giving him evil thoughts, and all he had to do was to enter. But if she closed her door on him, the laughing stock would be him when he exited, much worse if she screamed. The only closed door in the ladies opened and she just waved to him to wait outside, but he already moved ahead of his rational.

He zoomed into the toilet and hugged her in front of the mirror, pulling her backwards into the cubicle at the end.

Bernice (whispering): ‘Hey! What are you doing?!’

He silenced her questions with one hand over her mouth and kissed down her neck. The white shirt she wore had been teasing him the whole day with the yellow bra underneath, and there was no fighting against his strong hand climbing on her waist.

His fondled her breast over her bra so hard that she had to tiptoe, resistance fading once he raised her shirt over those padded cups. Her need-to-breath gave him a moment to rest and a gasp came as soon as his mouth went over her nipples. Sucking sensually on them, he made them both erect so hard with his saliva all over.

Never had she felt something so wild and crazy before, causing her panties to be drenched without any contact (so far). He went over her skorts quickly and rubbed on her pussy really hard. The few attempts he made to go under her skorts did not work at all, tiring him out further with frustration.

Bernice (whispering): ‘Let me take them off.’

Dumbfounded by her sudden change in mood, he was treated to a glorious sight of her cute, pink panties covered in red hearts. He took them off for her and caressed her wet slit, taking all her warm breaths over his neck. Twitching uncontrollably to his fierce fingers, she managed to get his jeans loosened and stuck her hand into his underwear, holding that awaiting thick rod.

Given how rash he was, there was no right moment to ask for a blowjob. He slipped his arm under one of her knees and held it up, splitting those sticky lips for him. He stepped up to her feet and slowly scooped his hips, piercing that cock of his into her pussy. The sudden clench of her fist on his back boosted his confidence, sending him into a frenzy of forceful deep thrusts.

In each others’ arms, they could hear the excitement rushing through their suppressed moans, while squishy noises lubricated his speed increase. Her other leg jumped around his waist when she came over his dick, coating his groin in her slippery juices at the same time.

Now, since she had picked her final position to be fucked, he pushed her against the tiled wall and slapped his hips on her loudly. They turned deaf ears on the erotic echoes, to enjoy the last ride of their day.

Bernard (groaning): ‘I’m cumming!’
Bernice (whispering): ‘Outside! Outside!’

He let her feet down and took his cock out, to slip between her thighs he was pushing together. The ticklish sensation sent the both of them climaxing at the same time and only their lips touched while they shivered in pleasure.

The break came when someone entered the toilet, but did not notice the presence of two person in one cubicle. Bernard helped her wear her panties and wiped her legs clean of his cum, before giving it a rub to smear those warm liquid over her groin. Without saying a word, they left the toilet as if no one was there.

Bernice: ‘Fucker! What if I get pregnant?’
Bernard: ‘Marry me lo.’

The rest of Bernice’s trip home was slight uncomfortable in that wet panties, but it kept her horny till she masturbated in front of a Skype call to Jon. Well, it was Jon’s first time to get a free show from any girls, and it only gets better with his own girlfriend. ;)

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