Moaning Morning

‘Hold me tighter’, the sweet morning voice made me tightened my grip despite being already in my arms. Rain was splattering on the windows of our hotel room and both of us were too lazy to turn up the air conditioning. I brushed my hand under her nightie and gave her boob a squeeze, making her stretch her toes out of the sheets.

Bubbles went ‘Mmmm!’ as I fondled those cute B cups, planting kisses on her sleepy face. A push on my arm directed me to her exposed pussy while hugging me like a bolster, making just a tiny gap for me to work around. Most of her slit was dry until I felt her vagina, that was wet all the way inside. I lured some moisture out to lubricate her clit and rubbed on it till she was awake.

‘Hey.. ‘, the kitty-face girl never opened her eyes once, but knew how cheeky I looked. Our noses touched like my busy fingers, going lower as she moaned faster. My erection was poking her tummy through my underwear and she knew better to just caress him. I was as hard as a rock in the close proximity to the alluring babe, just short of being inside her.

Her thumbnail wriggled at the pee hole to make me gasp and a smile broke across her face, ‘put it in already’. I lifted that leg on my lap across my hips and placed the lazy girl over my groin. She used all her energy for that morning to push herself down my cock, filling that dazed eyes with more life.

I hugged her and did a roll to put her on the bed, before thrusting my hips while lying on top. Much of our morning sex was done that way without much energy for intense love-making, but she moaned as passionately as last night’s romp. We didn’t kiss anymore and just took breaks between my continuous thrusts, getting more tired before our day even started.

‘Cumming’, she whispered softly as a few squirts of watery liquid hit my groin, sucking me into her desirable hole. I made good use of my last bit of strength pounding her senseless, licking up the single drop of saliva that dribbled out of her lips. It was all groans when I hammered her so deep, driving myself to my end.

Nibbling on her ear, I took the chance to warn her as well and she just went ‘mmm~’, making my movements more violent. My knees tucked under her butt when I came, pumping everything I got into her slender self. Her vagina just did what she always did, clenching and relaxing around my shaft. She asked me to turn over after I was done and we went back to sleep, with me still inside her.

Goodnight Bubbles. Rainy mornings are the best.

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