Dear Wife

I couldn’t help taking in a deep breath of my wife’s fresh shower scent, sleeping right next to me in the new sheets I just laid out. The fleshy waist of hers was always so alluring to hold, roaming up to her topless breast to play with them.

There was no words needed from her to reveal my intentions behind her, since the little guy was growing harder between her butt crack. She turned her head to me and whispered in the ever soft voice, ‘Dear, can I try something tonight?’. ‘Sure’, I cupped her nipple in my palm as she turned to me, rotating to a 69 position on my thighs.

She started swallowing my dick whole and knocked me out weak, convulsing stronger and stronger with every deep throat. That night, she made me used more vulgarities at that eager mouth, sucking my life’s worth of strength from that tiny rod.

Once I was too exhausted to move or say anything else, the dutiful wife climbed over my groin in a squat and sank my cock into her addictive pussy, fitting snuggly tight inside that warm hole. She started by swinging her hips back and forth, stroking at the length on top and below, increasing the already-sensitive dick that was throwing me into distress.

‘Fuck!’, I groaned as my back jolted up, pulling her knees down while I fell flat lifeless on the bed. ‘No more.. I can’t take it.. ‘, my agony earned her mercy and she leaned forward on her hands over my chest, grinding in yet another back-forth motion. Though it felt less intense to me, her moans got more energetic on top of me.

‘Dear! Cumming!’, her thighs slapped shut and her pussy just choked my dick at the base. A burning sensation expanded my dick at that improvised cock ring and she just looked at me confused with wide eyes. Right after a minute, she was bouncing at a fast speed, slamming our bodies together till my pelvis was hurting.

It didn’t take her long to get me into the load-and-ready state, also my body was thrashing around in desperation. ‘Dear! Shootinnggggg!’, my neck straightened and stiffened as my soul left through my dick, The poor girl fell on me and didn’t move thereafter, letting me roll her over to pull the blanket over.

‘You’re mine!’, the grouchy voice made me day and I continued fondling her boobs till I fell asleep. Before I had enough rest, her familiar moans were coming from under again, a routine she wakes herself up for a fruitful day.

That dawn, she teased my cock with a short handjob and left me high and dry, alone and helpless for my long day ahead.

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