This Way

Girl: ‘Excuse me. Do you know where is Ikea?’

The strong China accent came from a girl with neatly tied ponytail, donning a navy dryfit tee with short matching skirt. Yan (nametag), was holding up a paper map pointing at the building just five minutes away.

Me: ‘I am going there too. This way.’

I stepped ahead of her and she clutched her tote bag tighter, hoping that I wasn’t going to lead her to some dark corners. The iconic blue-yellow building delighted her and she was about to run into it but courtesy stopped her from leaving her guide just like that.

Me: ‘You can go ahead first! Maybe I’ll see you later.’
Yan: ‘Okay! Thank you!’

The two minutes stroll I took still managed to put us together when I saw her walking away from the payment counters, cleverly or stupidly positioned at level 1. I let her go on the escalator first and she didn’t dare to move more than ten steps away from me.

Me: ‘Yan, what did you need here?’
Yan: ‘I wanted to see this place.’
Me: ‘Okay. See this arrows? Follow it until you reach the cafeteria, canteen, restaurant, I’ll be eating there.’

She nodded and grabbed a booklet, disappearing into the always elegant displays and I went to grab a bite. After twenty minutes, she found me and I let her finish the last two chicken wings (so I wouldn’t look like a glutton with that many plates).

We cleared the bottom level with more things she never expected to find and kept them all in my reusable Ikea bag. We took a ten minutes walk in the humid weather to one of the block in the vicinity, going up to her rented place to divide the spoils.

Yan: ‘Can you stay for coffee?’

I nodded and she came back with 3-in-1. On the couch, we spoke for a while, the casual, pat-and-laugh contact lasting longer each time. She finally caught my fingers and we began entering the topic of our relationships, learning that she does have a boyfriend back home. That was one of those times where knowing too much kills the mood but was slightly turned on by her marital status.

At one point, I didn’t want to hesitate anymore and just pulled her into my chest, hugging for a long time. Kisses came slowly and my raging hormones got me hovering over her quickly.

My shirt was removed in a single tug like hers, and those cute A cups had no bras holding them down. Sucking sensually on them, she raised her skirt to pull her panties off. My tongue trailed down her belly to her groin and she was asking for more within seconds.

Yan: ‘不要停!’
Translation: Don’t stop!

The wild side showed up at last and I was turning blue when she let me catch any air. When we kissed again, she forcefully pushed me over to her spot and went down on the pinned-me, working those lips and tongue on that rarely-seen size. I totally lost count of how many times I begged her to stop, and go deeper. She would lick me whenever she needed a rest and her lips would be around my shaft very quickly.

There was no more patience in us when she kneeled over my lap, making me hug her and flip her on the couch. Her feet automatically rose up the backrest and the other dangled freely over the edge. My hips slammed down hard on her and her eyes turned watery instantly, silently mouthing the word ‘fuck’ over and over again.

Her pussy was so juicy that naughty sounds kept coming, as if I was thrusting into a tub of water. Those puppy-eyes soon rolled white when I grind my cock against her upward-facing cunt, giving her the orgasm she had been waiting so long for.

Moaning softer and softer, hoarse whines took over her speaking voice and the tightening vagina wasn’t playing nice either. Before I could give her another climax, I was almost done.

Me (groaning): ‘Cumming! Cumming!’

She kicked my chest away from her and I didn’t force my way either. She picked herself up and laid on her chest between my feet, while I sat on the leather armrest. Her mouth took my cum-covered rod and tasted her own juices, bobbing her head with those lips gently pressed around my girth.

It only took me a few minutes of groaning to shut up and cum, creaming out from the sides of her lips. The surprise came when she slurped up all my escaping cum and swallowed, giving me a brief sensation of her moving throat. My body fell onto its side after the intense orgasm and I just let her pull me over her chest (lying down).

We rested for the next half an hour before she wanted to go back to Ikea for the hot dog bun. After the quick bite, I was allowed to go home after giving her my number. Will she call me?

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