Couching Dragon

On the heavy wooden antique sofa, Agnes got bored of the old movie Wilson picked from her dad’s collection and gave him a poke at his ribs, causing a playful fight to break out in the absence of her household. There was no way Agnes could overpower his heavy build and slowly succumb to the end of the sofa, while Wilson kept pushing her to the limits.

Agnes (laughing): ‘Stop stop.. I give up.’
Wilson: ‘You want to play right? I play with you. No give up!’

Her straps fell from her shoulders as he accidentally pulled her spag top down, until her black lacy bra showed up from beneath. The armpit fight slowly moved to her chest and he was tickling with his fingertips, running along her bra cups to scare her a little.

When she pressed his hands against those soft boobs, he had curled his fingers into her bra and clipped onto one of her nipples. Rolling it between his knuckles, the haughty girl suddenly went quiet, looking shy out of nowhere.

Agnes: ‘Hey.. don’t pinch so hard!’

He relaxed his motion and reached behind her back with the other hand, taking some time to unhook her bra. With that pesky ‘protector’ loosened, he dived under to hold both sides gently, transferring warmth through her erected tits.

She had been looking at his pants where a bulge was showing, making their situation awkward as time passed.

Agnes: ‘Can I see him?’

Wilson’s raging hormones got those zippers down in a flash and a scary 7-incher popped out from below. The astonished girl wrapped her trembling fingers around it, lightly squeezing to feel the throbbing madness within.

Wilson (whispering): ‘Do you think it can go in?’
Agnes (softly): ‘I don’t know.’

A moment of realisation got him on his feet next and he walked towards her room. She had no choice but to follow since her room was especially messy, clothes on the floor and panties on her bed. She dashed in front of him to stop him from entering but he just squat-lifted her in his arms, carrying her to the bed and falling on top of her.

Quickly, she turned away and he spooned her from behind, dick poking between her ass crack. Pecking on her neck, she was smothered by his gentleness and kept moaning till his dick pried her ass wider.

Agnes: ‘Hey! No! Not in my ass!’
Wilson: ‘Then?’

She raised a knee and brought his dick to her pussy, long enough to bypass her groin and entering her. Her neck stretched upwards as he angled deeper into her, filling the room up with surprised gasps.

Agnes turned her body to lie flat and perked her ass up, for him to lie on top of her and continue using that big tool. It was all monotonous when he started humping her, unable to see her expression while his dick thrust at her dripping hole.

The sensible girl was relaxed as he fucked her hard, enjoying in the tanning position while he was ‘suffering’. Five minutes into the spooning pose, he shifted between her legs and raised those cute little butt, pounding her in doggy in loud screams and exclamations.

Wilson (groaning): ‘You have been keeping this side inside you all the time?’
Agnes (moaning): ‘Yes Master. I am actually a slut inside.’

His speed increased upon hearing her devotion and rammed her as deep as he could reach. Each time her fists clenched the pillow, her sore hole reacted the same too, except with an orgasm. She was felt crawling away after he didn’t seem to cum after a long time but he just kept going.

One of her knees were bent like a frog’s leg at one point and that was when he called out his signal. That huge cock popped out of her overworked vagina and went between her ass, sliding through those thick buns till something warm hit her back.

He had been lying closely against her ass when he did that, smearing those cum around their bottoms until he finally stopped. Panting loudly, he picked himself up and carried her into the attached toilet.

The two of them rinsed the sticky mess off and walked drunkenly back to the living room, where she slept on his lap till it was 4pm. She had to get him out of the house before her parents returned and he cooperated with the evac too.

Satisfied from their tickle-to-sex progress, he got a kiss from her before the gates were closed. Agnes masturbated herself again on the sofa and by then, she knew that only Wilson’s dick can give her the orgasm she lived for.

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