Unlike 21

‘Does the bus you take home go pass Thomson?’, Jacie kept her eyes on her phone while asking me about my journey home. I went to where she stood and peered from her shoulders, looking at her scrolling messily on Google Maps. ‘Yes it does’, I spoke in a normal tone like a senior and she turned off her screen. Reaching for my hands behind her, she grabbed both of them and wrapped them around her waist, shocking me with her unusual mood.

The thin muscle tee did little to hide those white bra she wore underneath and we went to the area outside the toilet, aware that the cameras do not see that corner. She raised her shirt and stuck one hand under, dropping me off at the small bra cup. I went under the bra and gave her boob a squeeze, one that is too small for a 21 year old girl.

Our work required us to wear jeans but that didn’t stop her from wearing jeggings, one she could easily peel down her firm little ass. My other hand went between her legs and smeared that soft cameltoe around, while she moaned for the first time.

‘You don’t mind us getting this close right?’, she breathed those words into my ear that was resting on her shoulder. ‘Not at all’, I kissed her neck after saying that and raised her top high enough to unhook her bra. The sporty uni student removed them completely and let me fondled her everywhere, before she turned around to pay some attention to my erection.

The moment she lowered my jeans to my knees, I could see the excitement when she realised her tiny hand could barely hold around the shaft. My fingers were covered in her slimy honey once I buried them between her labia, teasing me with her inexperienced hand stroking my cock.

Standing about 5cm in front of each others’ face, she was looking at my groin the whole time. ‘If I have a condom, will you still do it without?’, her hand rotated to pump my cock up and down instead of her thumb and index facing her, getting my hard on even more solid.

‘Uh huh’, I felt a shiver running through her body when she heard my answer, and she hopped on the steel kitchen counter two steps into the kitchen. I brought my hips nearer to her pussy and she leaned slightly backwards, to let me penetrate her in missionary. ‘Oh god.. ‘, a moan came when I shoved the full length into her, opening her pelvic wider with my cock.

She held me around my neck while I kept her hips on the table, pounding that closely shaven pussy. She was just too small for any man and it was even easier to turn me on with her haughty character. We lasted five minutes in the creaking sex position that moved the table a little, and was breathless when I took a break.

‘Doggy?’, I popped the question and she led me into the toilet, where a huge mirror hung in front of the basin. Bending over for me, I stood up as my cock entered her again, watching our horny faces going at it. Our eyes hardly left the live action happening before us and the desperate looks just kept us going.

Her elbows suddenly gave way and she fell over the sink, while I pumped even faster for my own good. ‘Fuck fuck fuck.. ‘, she sighed those vulgarities as her body shivered, while I had to push myself away from the irresistible small figure. ‘No no! Don’t go!’, she moved backwards to slam down my cock again and I came that instant, squirting cum deep into her as she knocked me with her ass.

Everything was emptied that moment and she just leaned on me exhausted, before I struggled to bring ourselves to the toilet bowl for a rest. As my dick lost its power, it slipped out of her and she could not open her eyes anymore.

‘Can we crash in one of the hotels here?’, the tired voice got a ‘yes’ no matter if we had sex. We crossed the road and went into one of the hotels that we never heard any complaints about, and sleep till we wake up in the middle of the night for intense, raw sex.

She is the one to have in any guys’ bed.

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