Indulge Once

Standing in the corners of the lift, we had no choice but to be strangers till the lift stopped at our floor. I pulled her by her wrist out of the elevator to where the sign pointed, until I shoved the door opened. I grabbed her bag as she was pushed inside, dropping it behind the door in a hurry.

Before she could react, I raised her knitted top over her head and her school skirt crumpled at her feet. ‘Get on the bed!’, I lifted and threw her in the middle, where the sunlight was blasting on it. Lying face down, I picked her hips on her knees and tore her ass wider.

Burying my face into her crotch, I slurped and licked across that wet slot, scooping the sticky appetisers that coated her panties. Once they were gone, freshly squeezed syrup started flowing and I just sucked them up. Wriggling my tongue everywhere, her ass shook back and forth to my random licks.

I replaced my tongue with my fingers once she got super wet, and vibrated fast on her clit, till her calves raised her ass higher into the air. Forcing my middle finger into her, I twisted my wrist downwards and scraped along the underside of her pussy. Gosh, if only she knew how wet she was. Every curling tug of my hand actually splashed some juices out of her, and I kept her balanced no matter how much she swayed about.

‘Fuck me already!’, she exclaimed impatiently while I was still enjoying the foreplay. After a while of that passionate moaning from her, I sat on her bent back (in doggie with knees tucked in), and put on a strap on I crafted especially for her. Locking the dildo in place, I went behind her and guided the tip in, slowly sending the rest of it into her resisting cunt.

A long groan came once I reached her deepest spot, causing her knees to slip against the sheets. Legs straightened and slightly apart, the strap on was in place right between our hips. ‘Is that the toy or you inside me?’, she tried to look at my groin but I pinned her head on the pillow to stop her. ‘Guess’, I gave my first thrust that sent her screaming, pounding swift and deep for the next minute.

Her frantic hands could never reach me to stop the violent sex, but I could easily tease her nipples from behind. Just barely five minutes into the loud and dirty sex, a puddle formed on the bed under her pussy. I switched us to a spooning pose to get her feet together, before a little helicopter stunt brought us to missionary.

My chest was pressed closely to her to prevent her from seeing what was inside her, and continued my raging hammer time on her even resistant pussy. Without the obstruction of her fine little ass, I was even deeper inside her and she could barely hold her composure under me.

The roll-eye thing she did became permanant when I shoved really hard, forcing another orgasm to soak into the bedsheets. ‘Stop J, stop! I can’t take it anymore. It’s sore!’, she pleaded in a tired voice and I slowed to a stop. Kissing from her ear, I made my way to her pussy and licked her till she went silent.

‘I have no more strength.. (asthmatic gasp) to do anything to you.. ‘, her eyes shut gently after she completed her sentence and I went to nibble on those perky nipples, channeling energy back into her chest. ‘Later k?’, she hugged me into her chest and I laid with her, going for a nap which she interrupted by waking little me up.

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