Two Cute Inches

Seeing that cute two inch stub stuck out from under Ivan’s belly, Joanna was so smitten at what she never believed nature made. He had posted his ‘problems’ in the health section of an adult forum and got her attention, to actually see it up close for herself as an understudy nurse.

‘Can I touch it?’, her grin was for his little one hiding under the thick foreskin. ‘Uh huh. But I cum very fast. Pre-mature ejaculation’, he lifted his shirt up in the comfort of his bedroom, while Joanna rolled her long sleeves to her elbows. Clipping it between her thumb and two other fingers, she tried to peel the skin back but to no avail.

The ‘hardest’ state was actually pushed back into his groin. Pathetic I know. Beginning with the handjob (or rather fingerjob), it only took her thirty seconds before his head fell backwards. A huge amount of cum exited from the tip and poured in all directions, covering his entire ‘chick’ in white.

‘Wow’, was all Joanna could muster given how quick he was to empty that amount. Her fingers slipped around his shaft while she tried to initiate the second round, lasting more than two minutes before he groaned his apologies. ‘Sorry sorry! Arghhh!’, his flustered blinks and disappointed look showed how guilty he was for making her come all this way just to see this happen.

She took the tissue from his hand and wiped him up as much as she could, revealing the pinkness of the shrinking cock. She adjusted her feet to kneel on her calves and reached under her shorts, to rub herself off over the thick denim material.

‘Can you masturbate for me?’, she slipped her hand under her shirt and pinched her nipples, moaning for him as entertainment. After the second load, his dick remained tiny until five minutes into his own act. Groaning in agony, he asked her for help to get him off. Falling back into the relaxed state on the bed, she used his foreskin to masturbate him while she pleasured herself too.

‘Cumming again!’, he spoke in a trembling voice much weaker than the first and a single drop of cum rolled down her fingers to a lay the path for the next few bits. Joanna was delighted nonetheless to see him receive some attention to boost his confidence, and orgasmed shortly after he came.

Once she got her fill of ‘knowledge’, she adjusted her sleeves and shorts, in front of the chubby male who looked listless. ‘I am sorry that this is all I could manage’, he said those words that she could only feel pitiful for, but satisfied from helping him out. ‘It’s okay! I have seen much worse ones!’, none of those dicks she had ever seen was that small, and his livelier smile made it all worthwhile.

She left his place in one piece, safe and sound without any regrets from meeting him. He had unknowingly showed her the biggest heart she wished existed and wouldn’t mind to meet him again.

He would make a good boyfriend.

Joanna thought to herself without any bad impression about his size. Something about him actually fare better than those men with huge tools.

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