Off to School

‘Go go go!’, I whispered loudly to Sherlyn after we scaled the fence of the school. It was 12am and there was no one else (I hope). We had to dash across the field of wet grass before we reached the main staircase, climbing breathlessly to the highest floor.

Not wanting to risk triggering any alarm by opening doors, we stayed in the far end of a row of classrooms. She had held up her flare skirt around her butt and I flipped it over her back, lowering her g-string to the ground.

My shorts ruffled in the silence and my dick soon found its way under her moist pussy, rubbing along her thighs a few times. ‘You can put it in now’, she hurried me in a hush-hush tone and I poked at a spot, feeling her fingers angle it lower to pierce through those warm flesh.

A single stroke sent me right into her and we were quick to start our crazy adventure. Pounding her as lightly as I could, the slight squishing noises were actually louder. She dangerously bent over the railing as I slid my cock in full, thinning those vaginal muscles where I brushed against.

‘I’m gonna cum!’, she mentioned those redundant words when I could feel the extra wetness, as well as a suffocating grip on my cock. I was moving at my fastest speed and wasn’t too far from the end too. ‘Me too!’, her hands slapped on my hips at the sides and I shoved all the way in, channeling the single ‘backward-pull’ motion to activate the impregnation.

My shaft thickened inside her to pump out my load in huge loads, appeasing her death grip that was milking me. The onslaught of cum filling her up actually released my cock, slipping out as the last few pulses shot into her.

She opened her legs and squatted down to pee, dripping cum right behind the clear puddle she formed. Her dress returned to its original position, hiding her cute butt while I zipped up. Leaving the school premise in the same direction we entered, it was all fun and laughter once we were in the clear.

‘Let’s do that again next time!’, she smacked my arm before my adrenaline returned to normal. But it was worth doing again. We were the childhood friends whom realised that we had a mutual-sexual attraction, fucking throughout the multiple relationships we had (separately). We know we will never make a good couple, but the sex.. is another story.

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