Hotel Rendezvous

Checking around to see if anyone say the tiny shiver, Jasmine remained seated in her panties that was completely soaked. The man she knew on Tinder had won every bit of her heart, up to the dirty roleplay she tested him on. Earning straight As from her, the additional bonus came when he told her about the rare ‘Actuary’ job. Was that why he is so good at analysing people?

A hand on her shoulder brought a man in suit and tie into her sight, and the wave he did to an awaiting waiter impressed her. ‘House wine, for two’, he said and the guy left to fetch their drinks. The manager who was taller in build came over and spoke to him as if he was a regular. The way he asked about the steaks and her dietary restrictions landed an order suitable for her, filled with whites to accommodate her figure.

‘So, you brought a lot of girls here?’, Jasmine had to do her checks about his lifestyle, with a question she feared for its answer. ‘Clients’, his deep voice melted her as the wine arrived, quickly going down his throat after a swirl.

The food arrived and Jasmine was unsure why she couldn’t strike up any more conversations with him. She just admired how he ate, drank and tipped whoever that served their table. It was just so mesmerising. If she had been any more casual in her outfit, that wouldn’t be as beautiful.

‘Shall we?’, he opened his palm in front of her, and she held his strong hand to head out of the restaurant. Even though they weren’t dating, she couldn’t get enough of the envious stares from all the girls. His hair was naturally brushed to the sides like bangs, and his sharp face complimented his custom suit.

‘Where are we going now?’, she asked after reaching the lobby of the hotel. He dropped her hand and walked to the frontdesk, where a staff handed him a key immediately. Jasmine caught the glance from the staff behind his shoulders after he turned to her, as if being judged as ‘his catch’.

He picked her cold hand up and placed the key on her, spinning her around by his arm on her waist towards the lift. ‘Are we’.. ‘no’, he interrupted her sentence as the lift closed behind them. He nodded his head at the ‘Tap Card’ sign and Jasmine did so. The glamorous lights in the lobby faded away as they hit the penthouse, which only four of them exist on the same floor.

‘It’s your night today. I have asked for in-room massage and priority room service if you need anything’, he held the door open for her and waited. Jasmine was trembling right then and had no idea what was happening. How would his other girls react in that situation?, she wondered. A gentle wave of calmness floated from her head down to her toes, stopping her one step into the room.

The golden zip between her cleavage crackled in front of him and the two leaves on her shoulders fell away. Luckily for her strapless bra, she didn’t appeared too unprofessional. ‘And if I need you?’, her question got an immediate reply when he walked right into her arms, hugging her around the waist to carry her to the bed.

Her panties only got wetter when those thin cotton could not hold anymore liquid, forming a sticky patch where her labia touched. He unclasped the centre hook and suckled on her nipples, raising her chest in the cityscape the room oversaw. Her knee-length dress was soon lifted to her hips by his wandering hand, to peel those soiled underwear away.

Relieved by that move, she felt better in the turn-downed room. Her legs needed no guide when he brushed against her puffy cameltoe, tingling her senses as soon as he caressed her clit. Trailing that short distance under her clit to her vagina, the quick vibrations was triggering the orgasm she was so close to.

A loud slap on his thick arms pleased him well as she trembled womanly in his embrace. ‘Fuck me.. ‘, she whispered the words never thought to come out of her mouth. He stopped savouring those nipples and went down to her legs, where a pillow raised her hips higher.

He loosened his tie before kissing her pussy, frenching it like nothing she experienced before. Big, small drifting clouds of euphoria, deprived of intense high-speed action, her body was thrown into confusion about his agenda. His nose and mouth never stopped making her moan and her strength was disappearing by the seconds.

‘Fuck me?’, her second plea went unheard to more tongue action, finally giving her a break with an orgasm that leaked a little more this time. He climbed off the bed and pulled her onto her feet, walking hand in hand to the full-length window.

Holding her waist without the earlier intensity, he just gazed into her watery eyes. ‘You. *sigh*’, he left his thoughts hanging in the air and picked her up like a bride, dropping her on the bed with sheets pulled away. Part two?, he tightened his tie and kissed her forehead once, before dimming the lamps to darkness.

‘You’re not that kind of girl. Don’t try too hard.’

The penthouse door closed with a gentle click, leaving Jasmine assured and relieved. There was no more horniness in her that evening, and room service sent a fresh set of clothes picked by him. The beautiful black bondage dress had exquisite crystals lined along the criss-cross design, all gathered around the chest and waist area.

Apart from getting a much needed rest from everything, Jasmine could not come up with anymore satisfying things to do.

I know I should have stated the non-sexual genre this story is under but I believe all of you who have read this will understand why (I didn’t). Despite running an erotic blog that generally contain (more hardcore) sex, this is one I wrote with much thoughts and emotions. I hope you like it as much as I enjoy writing this ‘slower’ piece of work.

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