#22 Anie Darling/ Kenna James

Like its counterpart, America (and probably Europe) does have an almost unlimited amount of porn and every once in a while, there will be one that catches my attention. Like my preference for JAV, I tend to favour non-hardcore, playful and natural acting. 

Simply Divine (ft. Anie Darling)

First up, a gentle, affectionate roleplay where Anie started off by reading an erotica, slowly getting drawn by its content, to the point she felt frisky enough to initiate some physical response. Just as she got all hot and steamy, her partner surprises her and joins in to pleasure her. This is one of those rare, porno-flick where the style and cinematography straight-up outperform the sex, mainly oozing with love and closeness rather than raw, impatient sex.

A nice film to past time and enjoy with your partner to start things off (in bed). Plus if anyone catches you watching this alone, the cinematic style can easily be described as ‘art’.

Losing it All Over Again (ft. Kenna James)

I only recommended this for the perfect, if not near-perfect physical attributes of the actress, Kenna James, who is one of those few girls you wonder what the hell is she doing in porn. As ‘dirty’ as we think about pornstars, we know that they are mostly in it for the money. But her, Kenna, is kinda Hollywood-grade, and what’s more arousing to see such a beauty in a well-shot, angled film?

Her gorgeous features are what kept me engrossed, past the sex, but probably not beyond her alluring body.

Rating: Good for admiring, embracing the sheer beauty of the female body. Not highly recommended to jerk off to, it might not work.

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