Me (on phone): ‘Rina, are you here yet?’ Rina (on phone): ‘Give me five more minutes. Am on the cab now.’ Like she said, a cab pulled up beside the hotel and she climbed out of it in a boyfriend tee with shorts. To make herself seem more demure, a pair of flats completed her girl-next-door look. We’ve arranged for a photoshoot, one where she would pose in different...

Rape (me please)!

Rinnie was on her way home after a movie with her usual clique of friends, and she was least worried by the group since she stayed closest to the shopping mall where they caught ‘Tron’. Her journey home was awfully quiet, save for a couple walking behind her. Walking next to the tall bushes, she heard someone shouting ‘Hey!’. Peering closely into the bushes, she was...


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