Rape (me please)!

Rinnie was on her way home after a movie with her usual clique of friends, and she was least worried by the group since she stayed closest to the shopping mall where they caught ‘Tron’. Her journey home was awfully quiet, save for a couple walking behind her.

Walking next to the tall bushes, she heard someone shouting ‘Hey!’. Peering closely into the bushes, she was suddenly pulled by a pair of arms, giving her a shock and her screams didn”t help either. There was no one in sight, and the street lamps along the path weren’t on either. After a dreadful two minutes or so, the dragging stopped and she found herself under the tracks of Tampines MRT.

Rinnie: ‘Please don’t hurt me.’

Guy: ‘I can’t help being attracted to you.’

The man then tied her hands to one of the planks of the bench, with cable ties. Following that, he took out a sharp object. There wasn’t much she could do after catching a glimpse of the object to be a pair of scissors.

Placing it against her thighs, he slid it upwards towards her arm and cut into the FBTs she wore. It was suppose to be a casual movie outing with her best friends, but it turned into a nightmare rape fantasy. After ripping it apart, he spread her legs with his knees and held the scissors against her neck.

Guy: ‘Scream and I will hurt you.’

Rinnie knew what was coming, but isn’t there anything she can do? Forcing himself onto her, Rinnie could only close her eyes and accept the violation.

As his huge dick penetrated her helpless tiny little pussy, she could only feel his thick veins rubbing against her vagina walls, activating her endorphins to release her urge. Despite she knew she was a victim of a rape case, thoughts of being forced into sex flowed into her mind. She was getting turned on by the whole idea. The guy raping her wasn’t bulky in size, she could have over-powered him when he pounced on her.

His ramming went on and she just got wetter by the seconds, implying that she was enjoying it and not to stop.

Guy: ‘Rinnie, I’ve wanted you for a long time.’

‘Shit, he knows my name. Who is he?’ thought Rinnie to herself. She was getting fucked by someone who knew her. The threat of being exposed without her going to the police was already present. Getting a glance at his face was quite impossible, but she didn’t stop trying every now and then.

Closing her eyes, she replayed the whole scene in her mind while continuing to get pounded. Her body wants it, in fact, she needed more. She’s tied up, why didn’t the guy force her to give him a blowjob? There was surely plenty of time. She is slowly turning into a little slut that wants to be tied up, tortured and get fucked her mind out.

Finding rape videos weren’t easy. There wasn’t many to start with, since it could backfire as evidence when the culprits are caught. To make up for that, Rinnie had gigabytes of BDSM videos on her laptop, to which she masturbated to many of them.

As the night gets darker without any signs of the man stopping, she got into the mood gradually and soft moans escaped. She simply couldn’t hold it anymore, she wants to be fucked!

Knowing that she’s a little whore enjoying the whole ordeal, he went faster until she cummed, and kept going for another 3 times until he himself needed to release.

Guy: ‘I’m going to shoot now. Where do you want it?’

Rinnie: ‘IN ME! Pump it all in. I want it all.’

What could turn a rapist on even more? His body jerked and warm cum gushed out of his hard little head and into her. She wasn’t just waiting, she was also cumming as his dick muscles worked to get everything out.

Guy: ‘Now, you’re coming with me!’

Freeing the cable ties, he dragged her by her hair up the steps into the carpark, throwing her into the passenger seat beside him. He started the engine and zoomed out of the crime scene. Everyone wants a little slut for themselves, as a toy!

It wasn’t a joy ride, nor is he going to dump her into a river. He held her head forcefully as she was trying to identify him behind the shades. With great force, he pushed her downwards, towards his pants.

Guy: ‘Suck me! You know what to do little bitch.’

She pulled his berms down and sucked on his tired little cock. Trying to get him up again. Occasionally taking a peep out of the window, she was in Bishan. She knew there was someone she could get help from around the area, but does she really want to? And even if she could, would she?

The car stopped for a long while and Rinnie did manage get him up. She had worked non-stop and even forgotten to steal a look at him. Tightening his pants, he alighted and dragged her quickly into the lift. It was a HDB flat, and the block number ‘252’ was so familiar to her.

Finally, everything as slowing down. She saw his face clearly in the lift. It was him. The guy who treated her so well one day, and does this to her today. Pulling her bounded hands, he brought her to his unit and locked both the padlocks and doors behind him.

Rinnie: ‘What are you doing this for?’

Xavier: ‘I like you. I’m sorry. Come with me?’

Thinking that he just wants to surprise her, she followed into his room and he flung her onto his bed. She didn’t responded quite well to shocks like this.

Xavier: ‘I still need you.’

Taking his pants off, he lifted Rinnie’s little butt up and dipped into her, still filled with sauce from the previous meal. Restrained and in a bad position, she could only enjoy the torture, feeling even more turned on knowing it’s someone she – likes. He was the best surprise for her.

With him fucking her mindlessly, he did managed to calm down and he stopped to free her. He sat by the bed thereafter and didn’t say a word.

Rinnie: ‘Are you okay?’

Xavier: ‘I should be the one asking you that. I’m sorry.’

Rinnie: ‘Don’t be.. I kind of felt safer after knowing it’s you. It’s okay. I won’t report you or what.’

Xavier: ‘Really?’

Rinnie nodded and he kissed her. Falling onto the bed, the night of proper passionate sex started. How could Rinnie stop without at least cumming another three times? They had their hottest sex, especially when they only reserved themselves for each other.

Deep down Rinnie’s mind, she was more than happy to have lived her fantasy out. It was close enough. (: Now.. How is she going home without her bottom?

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