Happy New Year!

New year was sure fun. Right under the display of fireworks at Universal Studios at Sentosa. Jesslyn and I wanted to spend the rest of the remaining hours together. Deciding not to return to mainland, it was more likely to find a secluded spot to get our rest.

Walking over to the Dragon’s Trail, we went into it, heading for one of the shelters inside. After about 15 minutes of fumbling in the dark, we reached one and stopped there.

Jesslyn: ‘Are you sure there’s no one here?’

Me: ‘Whyee? I thought we’re here to get a rest?’

Jesslyn: ‘No lah. Don’t want to be disturbed mah.’

Laying her head on my shoulders, she closed her eyes and rested.

Jesslyn: ‘Thank you for today. I loved the fireworks. So happy to have you for New Year.’

Me: ‘Haha. Silly girl. For you mah.’

My naughty left hand glided up her soft cotton skirt and between her legs. Pressing onto her panties on her pussy, my fingers went in circular motion, triggering her tap.

Pulling the zip of her pullover down, a pair of soft D sized breasts in purple lacy cups fall free. There wasn’t shoulder straps on her bra – meaning.. Immediately, my right hand went around her and unhooked her, freeing the boobs.

The whole area was so dark I couldn’t see more than 5 meters away. We were so horny that we didn’t care if anyone was watching. I went down to feed on those delicious buns while I kept her tap flowing. Taking a whiff between the valley, I went on to kiss her, wanting to eat her up right there and then.

Facing each other on the bench, I pulled her close enough to poke her with my hard on. Her hands then came and start work, taking my dick out, and getting it ready by stroking it. As my fingers went faster, she stopped her strokes and opened her legs wider.

Brushing her panties to the side, I moved my hips closer and positioned my dick in front of her slit. Pulling me closer towards her, my dick slid into her without much difficulty and we were moving our hips forward and backwards, body still tightly hugging and kissing.

Jesslyn: ‘HMM!’

And juices sprayed out of her, onto my naked lower body, between the benches and onto the floor. With her squeezing me tight, I couldn’t hold it for any longer and sprayed it as hard into her. Pumping her while filling her up for a good two minutes or so. She came and fell onto my body.

Gently lying backwards onto the bench, I was still in her, and I could go for another round. A quick rest and I’m back hard.

Jesslyn: ‘You’re getting bigger inside me!’

Me: ‘Yupp. You can feel it huh?’

Jesslyn: ‘You’re making me horny again.’

That’s exactly what I wanted.

Jesslyn: ‘You remember you asked me to ride you the last time?’

Me: ‘Haha. But you don’t want mah.’

Jesslyn: ‘I can try if you want. But let me know if I hurt you k?’

Me: ‘Yupp! Kiss kiss?’

A little peck and she sat right up over my dick. Moving her pussy forward and backwards, her motion made both of us felt really good. I could feel my dick getting harder by every stroke, and feel her getting wetter and tighter.

She kept going and cummed more gentler than the previous one, just contractions beyond control and tightness beyond anything I’ve felt. My balls were getting ready to blow up too.

Me: ‘I’m cumming again. Where you want me to shoot?’

Climbing off me, she knelt on my slippers on the soft wet ground we’re on and sucked me. Her sexy small mouth over my hot rod was too much for my eyes. With a light suck and a few ‘up down’ head movement, my little brother squirt the warm protein shake into her mouth, making sure she had a mouthful of my precious hand made supplement.


Jesslyn: ‘For you.’

I couldn’t be happier to know someone as pretty as her to do that for me. We slept on the bench, in each others’ arms until sun was high up.

Packing our stuff, we left Sentosa for breakfast. What happens in Dragon’s Trail stays on Dragon’s Trail. Happy New Year dear.

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