Back to Work

After a long break, I finally went back to work and saw her at the bus stop, the lady whose name I do not know, since we never traded any details more than our names. Wearing her usual skirt and spaghetti top, I walked over to catch her up.

Me: ‘Hey. Haven’t seen you for some time.’

Lady: ‘Of course lah. You never go work for the last few days.’

Me: ‘Haha. On leave mah. Free tonight?’

Lady: ‘Hmm.. yupp. Call me before you come over ba.’

The bus came along and we went on, heading towards our respective workplaces. Don’t you find that time passes slower when you have something to look forward to after your work? After a long day of duties, 5.30pm came, RO was given and I’m dismissed.

Me (SMS): ‘Hey, work ended. 8.30pm as usual?’

Lady (SMS): ‘Yeah. Busy now. Call you later.’

I’m kind of glad that we had a very cool and mature relationship. Since the first time we met, we haven’t exchanged anymore than our mobile number. Our meeting time soon came up after going home for a change of clothes.

*Phone vibrates with ‘Lady on Bus’ on my mobile screen*

Me: ‘Hello?’

Lady: ‘Hey, I’m caught up at work. Could be working till late. You go over to my place and wait first k? My hubby won’t be home this month.’

Me: ‘I go over for? You also not sure what time you ending work.’

Lady: ‘Aiyo, just go lah. I’ll call you later.’ I took a slow walk to her house, took the keys from under the flower pot and went in.

Having unknown hours before she calls me again, naughty me went to check her wardrobe out, fantasizing with all the lingeries and skimpy clothes she owns.

*Ding Dong*

‘WTF?! Her husband wants to surprise her ah? Or she wants to sabo me?’, thrown into such a situation, anyone would panic. What would YOU do?

*Mobile phone rings at the same time*

Me: ‘Ehh.. someone is at your door leh.’

Lady: ‘You go see who is it. Keep quiet k? Use the peephole. Haha. Sekali is my husband.’

Me: ‘Don’t joke leh.’

Lady: ‘Anything call me again. And.. let the person in.’

She dropped the line and I looked into the peephole. Standing in front of the door is a fair lady in office wear, long flowing hair and light make-up. Hmm.. what exactly is happening here? Cautiously inching the door apart, I had to find out who is she before even thinking about letting her in.

Lady2: ‘You’re Amelia’s friend?’

Me: ‘Yeah I guess. Who are you?’

Lady2: ‘I’m Tina. Amelia asked me to come here cause she won’t be able to meet you tonight.’

Me: ‘She asked you here?’

As I questioned her about the visit, I let her in and helped her placed her laptop bag onto the floor. Now, my mind is in the mood to think dirty. She doesn’t look too bad at all. Clearly she is not local, an Indonesian accent was present in her speech.

Me: ‘You’re her colleague?’

Tina: ‘Yeah. She works in the same company. I sleep at her place sometimes, my house is very noisy when my family is over.’

I went into the kitchen to grab a drink for her and I. Looking into the fridge for any thirst quencher, a pair of arms suddenly grabbed me from behind and held me tight.

Me: ‘Uhh.. Tina?’

Tina: ‘I can’t believe it when Amelia told me she got a sex toy. So you’re her sex toy. She already gave me permission to try it out.’

I turned my body around to face her and she held my hands. It felt kind of weird as the feelings were like.. a stranger trying to be your girlfriend in such a short time. Ignoring my thoughts, I kissed her and carried her to Amelia’s bedroom. Falling onto the bed with her, i pulled my shorts down and pushed her skirt up, ready to stuff her full.

Sinking my meat into her, she wasn’t wet enough, but that friction somehow feels.. different and I quite liked it. There wasn’t any foreplay, Tina wasn’t going for that anyway. She was using me as an automated sex doll, which only have one objective – satisfaction. I continued ramming my dick into her loosening little hole.

Oh shit! Condom! Pulling my dick quickly out of her, I went south to lick her wetter while I fumbled through her drawer blindly, trying to recall even if the condoms were even there. Grabbing something that felt like a condom, I tore it open quickly and capped on. Resuming the exhaustive work out, moans and orgasms filled the room. As the room got warmer with our body temperature rising, we stripped each other to nudity and got into a doggie position.

If I were to put our little crazy fuck session into words, I could only describe it as a big bunny loaded with brand new Energizer batteries, humping a barely legal bunny (in terms of size). We went fast and faster until she couldn’t take the never-ending orgasms. Falling lifelessly onto the pillow, I pulled my gun barrel out and aimed at her little face, prettified with make-up.

Loading it one last time, the trigger automatically engaged and spurts of thick warm cum covered her face. After I was done with my ‘satisfying’ job, I lay beside her and looked at this wasted little office lady.

Tina: ‘Nice.’

Me: ‘Glad that you enjoyed it.’

Tina: ‘You taste good.’

Me: ‘Haha. We’ll do it again. Promise.’

She was good. Her tight hole made her seem like she was a virgin. Imagine having a virgin everytime. I called Amelia after Tina had falled asleep to update her on our status.

Amelia: ‘Haha. Glad that you enjoyed yourself. Poor me won’t get you tonight. Tina and I had been love buddies for a long time now.’

Me: ‘Huh? What you mean?’

Amelia: ‘Open the second drawer beside the bed.’

Me: ‘Wah lau. Double dildo?’

Amelia: ‘Hehe. Yupp.’

Knowing Amelia’s secret relationship with Tina, I couldn’t help but to lose control of my thoughts. Thinking out of the box huh? Doing so now.

Hmm.. Amelia and Tina haven’t known my name yet huh? Still safe. (:

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