I’ve ordered some stocks from my usual supplier and he said he’s got someone new to run his errand. I was hoping deliveries everywhere could happen faster. Among those things I’ve ordered were some sex toys for my new site which is opening. I call it a re-launch.

*Knock knock*

A knock so barely audible that if I were on headphones, I would have missed it. Wondering who was it, I looked into the peephole and saw this small girl holding a box. ‘Ehh? I got order anything meh?’ How could an order placed today arrive today?

Me: ‘Yes?’

Girl: ‘Umm.. Jasper?’

Me: ‘Yeah.’

Girl: ‘A package for you.’

I opened the door wider to sign for it. Quite astonished about the delivery speed.

Me: ‘Wah. Delivery so fast ah? How old are you?’

Girl: ‘Yeah. I’m working for Mr. Tan now. I’m 23, cannot tell hor? A lot of people says so.’

Me: ‘And how do I address you?’

Girl: ‘Grace.

Her voice was nothing like 23 either. Ash-brown hair, tied up in a long ponytail, shorts, halter top and jacket. As I handed her the receipt, she stopped me before I turned away.

Grace: ‘Hey! Mr. Tan says you are his long term customer.’

Me: ‘Yeah. I’ve been buying from him for some time already. Why? Got membership ah? Haha.’

Grace: ‘No membership luh. But he asked me to help you test your stuff before I leave. He wants to make sure all is okay.’

Does this girl know what I bought? If she really is so sporty, I’m surely never going to change suppliers.

Me: ‘Huh. Okay. Come in then. You got no other deliveries?’

Grace: ‘Nope. You’re my first delivery, and my only one. He said just one for today. Maybe because is my first day at work ba.’

‘Evil Mr. Tan. He gave me first blood!’, dirty thoughts clouded my mind as I searched for the penknife. Gliding it across the package, I reached in and took everything out. 3 dildos, 5 rabbit vibrators, and.. 5 condoms? Did I order these – condoms?

Grace: ‘HUH! You ordered these?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Umm.. it’s okay if you change your mind yeah? I won’t let Mr. Tan know.’

She turned away shyly and dare not look at me into the eyes.

Me: ‘You okay?’

Clearing her throat, she looked at me almost tearing and spoke in the sweetest tone.

Grace: ‘I’m getting kind of wet.’

Lifting her chin up, I kissed her soft luscious glossy lips. Instinctively, she parted her lips and welcomed my tongue with her little wet tongue. Lifting herself up, she made her way kneeling over my thighs and hugging me. We were both on the icy cold tile floor.

Grace: ‘Shall we start Mr. Jasper?’

With our tongue still interlocked, I opened the condom up and yanked my pants off. She stood up and undid her pants as well, lips pasted on each other the whole time. Going back to my legs, she eased herself downwards and devour my whole penis into her. Humping up and down madly, she was surely low enough to slap my thighs with her bum.

Me: ‘Hey.. *huff* Let’s try the next condom.’

Taking a pause, she got off me and sucked me hard, making me harder and larger to accommodate the rubber. Rolling it down with her slender fingers, she got me armed and stood up, bending over the coffee table. Don’t we all know what to do?

Placing my knees on the floor, I rammed my dick up her begging pussy, forcing it all the way into, and pulling as much as the little suction in her hole allows. After a few rounds of fucking all over my apartment, she got tired and fell asleep on my bed.

*phone rings*

Me: ‘Hello?’

Mr. Tan: ‘Hey. How are the stocks?’

Me: ‘Still testing.’

Mr. Tan: ‘Wah. Take your time k? She’s off work already.’

The rest of the night was spent testing the rest of the condoms, and me. The dildos and vibrators? How could I ever let my little head rule me? Customers still want clean goods no matter what. I used with my own stash of condoms after we’re done with the free ones. Halfway though our time-out, she went to her car and brought the bondage rope she bought from the company, for me to tie her up. Leashing her fours, and pounding her the rest of the night. Those sleeping hours were spent fucking each other in doggie, cowgirl, 69, missionary and some we looked up on my iPod touch.

The next morning, she woke me up and left after a breakfast together. Hiding under my blanket, she sucked me off while she masturbated herself with my toes. Toe fetish? I don’t know. But she did swallowed all of her protein shot. It took her almost 30 minutes to get it, sucking me up and down, finally getting it after she gagged continuously for close to 5 minutes.

Grace: ‘You can cum a lot. I can feel it even in my stomach.’

Me: ‘Haha. I don’t masturbate as and when de. Only when I want to.’

Grace: ‘Feels like half-boil eggs.’

Tearing smile on her face after the ‘meal’. We showered and she left for work. Leaving me her contact number on my forearm. I guess we’re meeting again? See? I do practice safe sex once in a while.

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