Love Discovery

Sitting next to the guy Alina likes, it was tough of her to hold back. With the glister forming on the lips of her slit, she wanted to slip his hands into his pants so much. She was fucking him in her own world.

Royce: ‘You there?’

His suddenly question brought her back to reality. Quickly looking into her phone as a pretense of a distraction, she turned shyly away, hoping that he didn’t see her blushing face.

Alina: ‘Yeah. I’m listening to you.’

Sitting on the public accessible stairs of her flat, it was the perfect place to do anything, anything she wanted.

‘Why doesn’t he gets touchy with me? Am I not dressed sexy enough? Do I look too innocent?’, she wanted him to hold her in his arms, and run his warm hands all over her. She wouldn’t mind behind dominated by him, her pussy was literately yearning to be filled with his ‘weapon’ under those pants. Imagine feeling incredible already with just fingering and clit-teasing, what if there was a huge dick in her? How could lady resist finding out for themselves? As those dirty thoughts started clouding her brain, her hands unknowingly started stroking her own fingers.

Alina: ‘Royce.. do you have anything on later?’

Royce: ‘Hmm.. Nope. I can stay with you for as long as you want.’

Royce was a teenager just like any you would see on the streets. He was a little different for his age though, he doesn’t club, doesn’t smoke nor had any piercings like many of Alina’s friends’ had. Royce, having finished NS before going to further his studies at Nanyang Polytechnic, didn’t had much to worry about. Physique wise, the training in military sure packaged him well enough for any straight girls. Working part time while studying was his daily schedule, and having a day off every 6 days of work.

These kind of guys were rare, not that Alina had been looking around, but she hardly come across them. A few were just like Royce, but wealth and looks got into the way. Too wealthy, and he would turn bad soon, too ugly, and she would find them hard to face, especially if life after marriage was in consideration.

She enjoyed every bit of his company on that Saturday, but it’s time she wanted more. Being a lovely little girl with only two boyfriends before, she had a dirty side to her too. But for the first time, she founded herself to be wanting to be wanted, to be raped, to be abused.. to be owned.

Unable to hold back any longer, she let her lust took over and allowed it to do whatever it wanted.

Alina: ‘I got something for you. Close your eyes?’

Royce: ‘Haha. That’s a surprise. Okay.’

He shut his eyes and took a deep breath, but no one would be prepared for what Alina would do.

Sliding her favorite Suicide Girls branded panties off, she unbuckled her bra and pulled it out under her short, almost-translucent light pink tea dress. Placing it lightly beside Royce, she leaned forward and planted her soft wet lips on his.

Royce: ‘Hmm!’

His eyes looked straight into her, and gave in to the probing of her tongue without any thoughts, or doubts. Climbing onto Royce’s lap she opened her legs wide enough to let him him catch a glimpse of what’s about to happen. With Alina on his lap, she squatted up and let Royce eased that tightness in his pants. Pulling his pants along with his undies down, she couldn’t see what her mind imagined. ‘Was is big? Thick? Did pre-cum already oozed?’ those thoughts were trying to get out of her lust-controlled mind.

Lowering herself back onto him, she could felt this strong, warm dick of his, ready for anything that comes.

Alina: ‘Is it your first time?’

The nod she received was more than tempting to own his dick, her mind, body and pussy was all prepared for her first time as well. No doubt she doesn’t watch porn, but how she wished that there was one right now, telling her what to do. Is being on top even the best way? Without putting anymore thoughts into it, she knew she wanted his long juicy cock, there was no more fantasizing, she IS going to get it now.

Alina: ‘It’s my first time too. Let me do it k? So I can stop if it hurts.’

Having watched porn before, Royce knew it’s going to hurt a little for Alina, who knows? Maybe this is really a better position to lose her virginity. He only had one girlfriend before knowing Alina, and making female friends weren’t quite his forte since he had developed high discipline when he was young. He was a lad who knew what kind of girls he wanted, and that clubs and pubs wouldn’t get him anywhere.

Sitting slowly over his dick head, she could feel the tingling sensation of warmth and the urge to ‘feel’ better as more of his meat went into hers. It hurts, but the pleasure was simply too tempting to stop having right here. She came so far already, and knowing she had control made her felt a little safer too.

Inch by inch, it took her about a minute to fit that five incher inside. Random signals were just firing off in her brain, making sure every single neuron paths were used. It was beyond anything she felt, way better than doing it herself. Sitting and shivering on Royce lap, he couldn’t help but admire her ecstatic, almost-trance, look.

Royce’s was perfect, thicker and longer than her fingers, and best of all, it’s warm, throbbing and twitching. It felt as though she had everything she needed, if only she could stay like this forever. Royce knew the best part wasn’t even close, imagine orgasms with his tool.

Slowly, not wanting to hurt her, he lifted her hips slightly to make space for the drilling he’s going to do with his dick. Moving his hip in an upward position, he thrust his tool up her, hitting her erogenous zone, sending waves of uncontrollable spasms through her body.

It was both Royce’s and Alina’s first time, and both of them spent almost a good ten minutes, riding each other’s minds out. No doubt they are new to this, but Royce was more interested in giving Alina a good time, every now and then, he would aim sideways and thrust his hips, he would move Alina’s hip and grind over his meat, making sure she receives everything she deserved.

These ten minutes were too intense for her, but she wanted more after resting, a break is all she needed. Royce had stamina she couldn’t keep up with, she’s definitely going to have more of him no matter what. As Alina whispered ‘stop stop’ into Royce’s ear, he slowed down to a halt and rested with her.

Alina: ‘Can you be on top this time?’

Unwillingly, she stood up, savoring the moment his dick left the parking zone. For once, she felt empty within her. She was still wet, her dress was soaked in perspiration, but it was the only thing that would stop any surprise attacks from the public. Taking it off was the last thing on her mind.

Adjusting herself in the middle of the stairs, she bent her elbows and supported herself while Royce stood up, and for the first time, his long ‘weapon’ was before her. Slipping her shoulder straps off, her beautiful breasts bounced free into the air. Royce’s jaw almost hit the ground as it was the first time he saw pink nipples on a Chinese. Never before it appeared in his porn collection on his laptop. Not only it was pink, it wasn’t as perky as those Japanese porn he watched. This.. was more subtle, and pleasing to the eyes.

Lying in a push up position on top of her, Alina guided his dick into her hole and felt it fill her up once again, closing her eyes to feel every bit of his cock. Within a few strokes, Royce could pace himself and his hip movement wasn’t anything what Alina’s ex had shown her on porn. Only his hips moved, not his whole waist, it looked sort of like belly dancing. Now, that requires talent, if not practice.

With her eyes closed, her head fell back as the rush of endorphin hit her and sent waves after waves of orgasms through her. She was slowly turning into a slut, and she knows. The idea of a girl-next-door with uncontrollable sexual desires would surely turn on any man, but she knew it was exclusive, only the the man of her dreams. Royce? Hmm..

He continued pounding the life out of her and Alina had no intention of stopping until Royce had been satisfied. A short five minutes of so after, she felt his penis enlarging and throbbing and pumping. A coincident she would say, her orgasm reached at the same time and she could feel every of the veins on his penis on her vagina. It was so tight she was sure he was going to explode in her.

Royce: ‘You want me to cum now?’

‘What did that mean? Can he control when he wants to cum?’

Alina: ‘You are controlling? You can cum anytime you want.’

With that statement, he had to ask the next one.

Royce: ‘Can I cum inside you?’

She gave the answer every guy wished for and she embraced him tightly for the final onslaught. As the final stroke into her enclosing pussy, warm thick honey-like textured cum poured into her, he pushed them all in as he rammed hard into her hole, releasing whatever he had inside her.

Finally, he pulled his spent penis out and rested. Both of them definitely enjoyed it. Alina lay on the steps to recover a little, while feeling his love floating around inside her, warming her belly up. Sitting one step lower, she took his limp meat and gave it a little suck while stroking it, just to ensure everything is out and – into her. After making sure it’s clean inside, she licked every bit of his shaft to make sure its clean of her juice. Maintenance, she would call it. After all, it really took everything out of his dick for that controlling stunt of him.

There was no regrets even if she had to die now, even if she was pregnant with his child, she would carry it and bring it up. Falling into his arms, he held onto her with strength and reassurance that she felt safe and secure with. After a good hour of rest, it was time for Royce to go home for dinner with his grandparents. So should Alina go home too. Slipping her panties back on, she handed her bra to Royce while she lowered her dress for him to wear it back for her.

Royce: ‘I love you.’

Alina: ‘I love you too.’

A hug at the end of the day marks a new beginning of their relationship.

This round of love making wasn’t a fuck-and-go. Royce knew he found someone, someone whom he really liked. And Alina knew she found someone too, someone whom she really enjoyed. Now.. liked and enjoyed doesn’t mean the same thing do they?

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