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Royce didn’t wait for too long before asking Alina out again, she was more than happy to meet him. Both of them met after school at the main gate and took a train from Yio Chu Kang to Seng Kang.

Alina: ‘Where are we going?’

Royce: ‘My place. I’ll show you where I live.’

Should Alina be happy or worried? It’s only their second date. What if Royce is just after her body? Suppressing all her negative thoughts, she went with him. If he is merely out to cheat her, it would be the last time anyway, not that she is still a virgin.

Reaching the twentieth floor, they ended their short tongue fight and went into his apartment. It was a beautifully renovated place, quite warm and homely too. It was something Alina could never afford, still Royce didn’t see like a well-to-do kid, since his family spent a lot on renovating his house.

Royce: ‘My parents bought this place for me. They no longer live in Singapore, only I stayed behind.’

Alina: ‘Your place is beautiful. It must have cost a lot.’

Giving her a wide smile, he sat her down on the sofa and turned on the television. With a peck on her lips, he got up and disappeared into the kitchen. Alina could only watch him go. She doesn’t ask many questions, because she trusts people to tell her. If they do not, it simply meant they didn’t want her to know. And Royce had already figured most of her personality out.

Royce: ‘I’ll be cooking dinner. That’s why I asked if you could stay out later tonight.’

He can cook? Sure the kitchen looked well-equipped, but Alina never expected a muscular man to be able to whip out dishes. As the hour went by, Alina became drowsy and Royce switched the TV off, tuning into the classical radio channel instead, helping her get some rest.

*sniff sniff*

The aroma of grilled chicken chop with a thick scent of mushroom gravy engulfed the house. Close to eight dishes were sitting on the table, each of them looked as good as the ones on those cooking guidebook.

Alina: ‘Hmm.. can we start?’

She can’t help but ask this question, knowing he might get offended.

Royce: ‘Chicken chop or rice?’

Alina: ‘Chicken Chop!’

She liked chicken meat, compared to rice which she had without fail for dinner at home. Poking on the veggies and other side dishes, she gobbled up quite unsightly. But Royce could only smile and giggle as he saw how she ate. In his eyes, she was a little girl who had all favorite dishes were laid out in front of her.

After the dinner, Royce did the dishes and carried the sleepy Alina to his bed. She sure was a lazy girl, despite her eat-sleep routine after school, she maintained a slim hourglass figure. Most of the fats probably went to firm her 34B boobs up. Royce did not take advantage of her, knowing she was tired. But little did he realise she wasn’t asleep yet. Her pussy kept her awake with the unstoppable urge and flow of lubricant.

Gently, he closed his bedroom door and went to for a shower in the bathroom. As he was watering himself, Alina had to remove her tight denim shorts, her new lacy white panties and matching bra to ease the heat under the blanket. Her body was getting warmer with every minute of her staring at the silhouette of his chunky body. She needed to be pounded badly. She wants to feel his strong back against her again.

Hiding naked as Royce exited the showers, she had an idea to get him into bed. ‘The towel around him needs to be off’, Alina gasped as she saw the bulge of the sleeping dragon.

Alina whispers: ‘Royce?’

Making his way to her side of the bed, he bent over and touched her forehead. With a suddenly jerk on his forearm, Alina held onto him tightly and pulled him onto her. Royce lost his balance and tumbled over Alina, to the other side. His towel was gone, but he quickly covered himself with his blanket.

Royce: ‘What are you doing?’

Just as Alina expected, she turned over to him and ran her cold fingers up his leg, to his crotch, where the dragon started to come alive. Going under the blanket, she cupped her mouth of his monstrous head and sucked hard. It was so thick, how could she go any deeper.

Royce bend towards where her head was and snaked his hand to her mouth.

Royce: ‘Relax your jaw. It’s okay to close your mouth a little, don’t worry about the teeth.’

Gradually, she went deeper with her lips and the occasional brush of her teeth across his shaft would send a gentle wave to his dick, which would then response with a squeeze of its muscles. As she got used to his size, she knew she was ready for more, she was prepared to gag and choke just to find out how far she can go.

Pushing her head down onto his dick, the sudden depth she covered sent Royce moaning. Alina could totally feel his mushroom against the back of her throat, and surprised at the lack of gag-reflex, she pushed even harder to go deeper. It had been totally devoured by her, breathing hard through her nose, she felt her throat collapsing onto the thick meat she swallowed. As her throat squeezed to force the monster out, Royce was making funny noises that could only mean he was enjoying it as much as she did.

Her body didn’t just slaved off to him. She was trying very hard to keep her pussy in control. She wouldn’t want to reveal the desperate side of her so soon. If you were right there, you would have seen her pussy opening and closing on its own, waiting for something to fill it up.

Increasing the pace and reducing the depth, she went faster and got a rhythm she felt comfortable with. The little tap and slip at the back of her throat would allow her to know she’s maintain the length she took. Within a few strokes, saliva covered his thick penis and Alina did not stop until he felt he got too light headed.

Royce: ‘Look.’

She was looking at where he was pointing, at a juicy thick piece of his treasure, it surely was ready to go into the darkness of her. Coated with her saliva, it was red and beating with a heart of its own. Wiping whatever liquids off her lips, she grabbed his meat and stroked it slowly. It felt bigger, her thumb and index fingers used to be barely able to touch each other, but this time, it was almost a centimeter apart.

Turning herself over and getting on fours, her pussy was in the perfect height for him to kneel on the bed and ram her. First he stretched her. Finding the right hole and getting it a little wetter and wider for his entrance. Then, it was the end, he made the aim, and advanced his dick into her pussy which seemingly had a life of its own.

She was tighter, but it was because his dick was more aroused this time, the girth enlarged to a size that Alina knew she would go screaming if it was any larger. It wasn’t like a car rear-ending another, it was like a smash with another on-coming car. Alina was moving her hips in the opposite direction of his movement. It didn’t take too long for them to get the pace, but the force and depth it was giving Alina felt like her mind is going to explode.

Every groove and bumps on his dick could be felt, the unexpected vacuum created inside her was sucking him back in whenever he was ‘out’. Her clit wasn’t bored at all, she was rubbing it so forcefully to enhance the pleasure even more. The bedsheets right below their privates was getting doused with the mix of her saliva from the blowjob she gave him earlier, and her own pussy juice.

Their moans got louder and it could only meant harder. She was getting all of his rampage and it felt good. It felt addictive. Realising she had cum close to four times, she requested to change position and chose to rode him. This time, they had proper cushioning. She climbed over him while he lay comfortably on his bed.

Royce: ‘Wait. I have something for you. Close your eyes?’

Alina did as he asked and listened out for any hint of the surprise.

Royce: ‘Don’t open your eyes!’

Alina: ‘I didn’t!’

Feeling something against her boobs, she was certain it was bikini or lingerie like present.

Royce: ‘Take a deep breath.’

Alina: ‘Huh?’

As she said ‘huh’, two clamps went down on her pink nipples and it was pure mind-blowing. She fell onto his body and couldn’t even pick herself up.

Royce: ‘Like it?’

Alina: ‘Umm..’

With all her might, she pressed onto his strong chest and started riding his dick. Bouncing up and down, Royce held onto the chains attached to the clamps and that made her turn on even more. Unknowingly, she was tightening and it was Royce’s turn to be trying to hold it in as long as possible. She kept cumming and the phrase, ‘cum anytime’, could be heard repeatedly being told to Royce.

Suddenly without warning, he screamed ‘cumming’ and tugged the clamps off her nipples, sending her into shock and orgasms beyond her body could handle. Alina went into convulsions and jerked uncontrollably on Royce’s body. He had a little convulsion as well, with her pussy sucking every bit of cum out of him, short but strong ‘ah’ could be heard as he pumped his load into her.

The sight of him unloading inside Alina was epic. For her, Royce had stopped masturbating and stored everything for her. Even with his dick all the way inside of her, he was pumping volumes she could not take, his precious got forced back out and it sort of became lubricant. Giving Alina a special overtime, he continued moving his hips up and down, forcing his meat into her gapping hole, extending her orgasms.

Having that ending their session, they fell into a short fifteen minutes nap, at which the both of them woke up with their privates still engaged. Without rushing, the both of them kissing for another good few minutes before going  for a shower together and  receiving another blowjob from Alina. This time, she managed to taste his honey. Just like any guys, he wanted to know how did it taste like too, but he had no intention of tasting it. Maybe she could change his mind about tasting in time to come.

Royce: ‘How did it taste?’

Alina: ‘Hmm.. Sweet.. Thick.. but goes down easily. Taste like mango.’

That was the best compliment any guy could receive. Having your partner to appreciate the essence of you. They got dressed and left. Nonetheless, Royce walked Alina home despite the short distance. Every guy should do that for any girl, no matter if you have intention of being with her or not.

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