Movie or Not?

It was a usual Sunday and having no plans, Carine agreed to go out with 2 of her guy friends for a movie. Since it was a screening at a nearby mall, she chose to wear a skirt short enough to just cover her toned butt, and a jacket, leaving its zip low enough to reveal a little cleavage. As the three of them lived within walking distance, they decided to meet below her block since the bus stop was closest. The two guys weren’t surprised at how slutty she was dress as they had seen more of her (body).

Right then at the bus stop, one of the guys forgot his wallet and the whole group accompanied him to retrieve it. Reaching his house, guy B and Carine waited in his living room while guy A went to searched his room for the wallet. B who sat beside her was a little cheekier between the two guys, he placed both his hands over her shoulders and slid into her jacket. Squeezing her boobs while teasing her nipples, rolling them between his fingers.

It definitely wasn’t the first time those guys had laid their hands on her, but being brought up in such an open family, she was fine with them. Getting wetter and turned on by B, she turned around and kissed him. He quickly unzipped her jacket and peeled it off her shoulders, going down and lick her boobs and nipples.

A finally got his wallet and come out, seeing that he missed out the fun, he was getting whiny.

A: ‘Oei B, I go in and take wallet not even 5 minutes you also want to disturb her.’

B: ‘Then you stand there and watch lor.’

Carine: ‘Oei, you all wanna go out watch movie or what?’

A: ‘After this.’

A then carried Carine from behind and she released a soft giggle, along with B, they threw her onto his bed. The two guys double-teamed and A licked her boobs while B played with her vagina. Taking their turns with her, they removed her skirt and thongs along with their own clothes as well.

She got onto the tiled floor in a doggy position while the both of them sat on the bed, receiving a blowjob from Carine. Not at any point in time did she forget to stroke while she sucked any one of them. Within minutes, they could not take the oral anymore and got her up and the started the fucking.

They were like werewolves released from some dungeon after many years, giving her no chance to rest. It was a new threesome position she did. While one was doggy-ing her, the other would lie beneath her, playing with her boobs and kissing her. And once they were tired of that position, they continued to make her work with both her holes, taking one dick from behind, and one in her mouth.

It was one hell of a marathon, the gangbang had no rest, and the two guys were energetic to start with. In the midst of the enjoyment, they two did what they always did when they are cumming. Carine remembered what the both of them loved too. A finished in doggie and cummed on her back, while B ended by blowing his load into her mouth. Returning to gentlemen, they cleaned her up

Carine still had a few hormones not satisfied, so B finger fucked her still she squirted while she cleaned B up by licking him dry. It was easier to clean Carine up, since B managed to get most of her juice down his throat.

After they were done, the movie plans still got carried out, but of course with some actions in the theater. As she was sitting between the two guys, A slid his hands under her skirt halfway through the movie and played with her clit. It was easy for him to enter as she did not wear her thongs back.

Moaning softly, it was impossible for B to notice what A was doing. A kept going despite Carine pleading him to stop. Sure enough, she missed most of the scenes while she came. After the show, B went off first and A offered to send Carine home.

How could A let Carine go home so easily?

Part 2 – Coming Soon!

A collaboration with Adventure Girl.

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