Love Making

As Alina knew more about Royce, she felt stronger for him as well. He wasn’t someone looking for sex, nor he was always horny. Thinking back, she was the one initiating. But the nipple clamps was quite a surprise for her. What exactly was Royce thinking? He was unpredictable, but full of pleasant surprises.

Just this week, a new timetable was scheduled and Royce need not report to NYP for two days in a week, but the other three days was packed till 9pm plus. This change in plans would mean he can go out more often with Alina, provided she was free as well.

Royce (SMS): ‘Are you free tomorrow?’

Alina (SMS): ‘Huh? Don’t you have school?’

Royce (SMS): ‘Haha. My new schedule says I only need to report for three days a week.’

Alina (SMS): ‘So good! Text me where you want to go tomorrow. After 4pm k? I still not school, not like you.’

Royce (SMS): ‘Yio Chu Kang MRT. 4.20pm. Going to.. surprise you.’

Unknowing to Alina, Royce had been taking driving lessons during early nights. As he was taking private test for driving, he was free to arrange lessons. This little license is going a long way once he passed. No doubt it was two weeks away from his test, he was what we call talented drivers ‘born to drive’.

That aside, Alina met Royce at the arranged time. It was also then when her other girl friends got to meet Royce in person. They were dressed in those slutty clothes you would expect poly girls to wear, nothing quite as demure as Alina. Going onto separate trains, they bid goodbye and one of her friends, Joline, blew a goodbye kiss to Royce behind Alina’s back. Did that mean anything more than naughty little girls teasing him?

Taking the train to Ang Mo Kio, they got off and took bus 74. The whole journey wasn’t that boring, she was telling him all about her friends and class, and the projects coming for them. Seems like he would be getting to meet them more when the submission weeks draw near.

Royce was a quieter guy, he wasn’t all that active online except for MSN and IRC. Other than these two, he had hardly anything else to do online. For one, he didn’t have Facebook. That made Alina felt safer than anything as a couple of her friends were always preying on those hard-to-come-by-guys and ruining them. That was the least of her worries now.

As the bus stopped beneath a flyover, Royce held Alina and both of them transfered to 854. Reaching IKEA, Royce held Alina’s hand tightly and rushed for the cafeteria. Sure enough, a long queue had already formed. Royce queued and Alina went to find seats. This little dinner was more than just the good food from IKEA, the noisy ambient somehow made her felt more relaxed. Kids playing around, parents having a loud discussions on the furnitures.

Soon, it was time to leave and Royce flagged a cab, directing it to her place. Upon reaching her place, the two lovebirds hopped towards the lift and disappeared into the stairwell once they reached her floor. Sliding his hands up her black denim skirt, he wriggled his fingers, into her soft cotton panties, from her navelĀ and fondled her clit. While he was getting her all wet and turned on, she was fumbling with the knot on his pants, where his dragon is in a fury to get out.

Alina finally got the drawstring undone and out came the red hotĀ dragon. There wasn’t any moment to waste. She had to be home latest by 8pm and it was just fifteen minutes away. Could they get anything done?

Kneeling on the concrete floor where two flights of stairs connect, Royce pulled her panties down and dived straight for her pussy. She was already wet, and those thin moisture forming on the outside of her pussy was just a decoy, she was already wet inside. This strong thrust of him into her squeezing pussy forced the never-ending stream of juice down his balls and onto the floor. This fifteen minutes must have felt like the last fifteen minutes of mankind to them.

Alina stiffened her arms and let the impact of Royce’s thrusts do the work, every bump against her ass would draw him back into her. As her body started the series of orgasms and climaxes, she felt nothing like before and it was definitely more intense. Royce had leaned over her body and used the first step of the stairs as support, so he wouldn’t be lying on Alina’s back.

Just in the nick of time, he caught a glimpse of Alina’s expression in a trance. Rolled eyes, drooling from her mouth, she was in seventh heaven. Whatever chemical reaction that was happening was drawing everything out of her, and sending her into another limits of pleasure.

Royce: ‘Alina, it’s five minutes to eight now.’

Alina: ‘Huh.. ‘

Royce had no choice but to finish it on his own. Giving her the last few thrusts of the night, he pulled his tool out of her and sat in front of her. She reached for it unconsciously and sucked it the way she did it for him before, deep and strong. Her body was thrown into orgasms with the last few strokes from Royce and she was moaning and sucking while in pleasure.

Not wanting to put her in risk of getting scolded, he pushed her head down with his strong arms and sprayed the warm semen down her throat. Quickly helping her up, he put her panties back on and adjusted her clothes before doing his.

Royce: ‘It’s eight now.’

Alina snapped out of her hypnotic state of mind and instinctively grabbed her bag and rushed home.

Alina (SMS): ‘What did I do just now?’

Royce (SMS): ‘We just had sex.’

Alina (SMS): ‘The taste in my mouth?’

Royce (SMS): ‘I didn’t want to cum in you while you were in a daze. So I shot in your mouth.’

Alina (SMS): ‘Thank you for today. I felt really good, something I’ve never felt before. And sorry about leaving you without saying anything.’

Royce was doing a great job as her boyfriend. And as much as you wish there were some twist to their relationship, they respected each other a lot and would never want to do anything to jeopardize their love. Alina and Royce were still together, and that nightly conversation that night was all about her, and her request to use his place as a meeting venue for her group project, with Joline and company. (:

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