Merry Merry Teacher

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng, Merry Christmas.’

He then stretched his hand out holding a tiny egg-like present.

Ms. Ng: ‘For me ah? That’s so sweet of you. Sure looks cute. Thanks. But I don’t have anything for you leh.’

Harnold: ‘It’s okay lah. Must open the present ah! Bye bye.’

As it was recess time, he didn’t quite want to waste his makan time away. What would Ms. Ng do? His mind was filled with all the possibilities of how she would use it. Since there isn’t her class today, he could only hope that she would wear it to class the next day.

*Ding Dong*

It’s Ms. Ng’s first lesson of the day and she wore a knee-length dress with a red bra (strap). Harnold wasn’t sure what did she do with it. Putting his two fingers into his pencil case, he pushed the ‘ON’ button and stared at Ms. Ng for any reaction. Under the staff table, her legs tightened together and her face turn flushed immediately. Looking quick at Harnold, she silently mouth the word ‘OFF’ to him. And Harnold did so.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold, see me after school.’

The class went on as per normal and Ms. Ng waited for Harnold inside the staff room. Harnold arrived after lessons ended and put the remote for the wireless vibrator into his pants. Upon entering the staff room, he clicked ‘ON’ and walked towards Ms. Ng.

Ms. Ng: ‘Can turn it off? I can’t take it le. You’re making me wet.’

Harnold: ‘Can go computer lab?’

Ms. Ng: ‘Hey Joline, are you using the computer lab today?’

Ms. Joline Tay: ‘Nope. You want to use? Nah. Keys.’

Ms. Ng led Harnold into the icy cold computer lab, where it’s nicely away from public eyes. There wasn’t any cameras in the lab as well, since the lab will only be opened when there is a teacher. Pulling Harnold’s hand into the ‘Inventory Room’, she shut the door behind her and undid Harnold’s pants.

Ms. Ng: ‘You’ve been making me think of yours whenever I felt the egg inside me.’

She took it out of his pants and sucked on it ferociously, gagging and stuffing herself with his dick. All her ‘hmm..’, ‘hmm..’ and slurps could be heard clearly in the enclosed room. As more of her saliva drips onto the floor, Harnold popped the bigger present.

Harnold: ‘I’m hard enough le. You want the fireworks?’

Ms. Ng: ‘Wahh. Fireworks, you very creative hor. Want.’

Without wasting time, he lifted her dress to her waist, turned her around and directed her to use the table. Squatting down at her shaved pussy, he tugged at the still-vibrating egg. Ms. Ng knew what to do. With little effort, she pushed the egg out of her pussy and Harnold switched it off before keeping it.

Aiming for her deep void, he dived in and filled it up with his hot stick, making her scream. Thrusting the full length of his gun into her, slow and deep is what Harnold wants to give Ms. Ng for her present. Suddenly, her phone rang and she picked it up instantly, with Harnold still in her.

Ms. Ng: ‘Yes? No. Still there. Okay. Sure.’

She moved herself against the stunned Harnold and pinned him onto the wall, with his big hot barrel still in her. Adjusting the table against the wall, she forced herself backwards on Harnold’s dick, pushing against him hard and deep, almost hurting his hips. But the pleasure was simply too overwhelming.

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng, Ms. Ng! I’m going to shoot le. Stop stop!’

Disregarding his warning, she kept going and rode him even as he slumped onto the floor, bouncing up and down, determined to push him to the end. ¬†With a hug from behind her, Harnold’s body jerked and released huge loads of cum into her tight slit, as she remained seated on his lap, savoring his hot fudge flowing into her pussy.

Ms. Ng: ‘Good?’

Harnold: ‘My legs are weak le. Cannot walk.’

Ms. Ng: ‘Haha. We’ve got our presents!’

Adjusting her dress and hair, she took the egg and slid it under herself again. Then she took her makeup kit and touched up. After Harnold rested enough, Ms. Ng offered to help him wear back his pants. And right before she tuck her little manhood into his undies, she took a breath and sucked it awake, giving him a sensual mind-blowing slow blowjob, that made him blew a load bigger than the previous, into her sweet little mouth, between her glossy pink lips.

Ms. Ng: ‘Hmm.. Nice. What did you eat today? Taste so sweet.’

Harnold: ‘Pineapples? I read that it helps with the taste. You like it?’

Ms. Ng: ‘Yes I do. So full now. Let’s go home ba.’

Ms. Ng and Harnold left school with their Christmas presents and the little successful little celebration. Sure hope they don’t get caught.

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