Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas! And no I didn’t spend it alone. Without any date, I asked a few girls if they wanted to go out and to my delight, one replied yes. The rest either had plans, or simply don’t want to go out with me.

Joyce (another Joyce) and I planned to meet at Orchard for a walk and take pictures of the decorations. After a good one hour of walking, both of us sat at Taka and had a meal, which kind of made it worse since we already tired. So, sitting at the fountain, she started to doze off and I figured we couldn’t just sleep there with thousands worth of camera equipments.

Me: ‘Joyce, you want to go to hotel and sleep?’

Joyce: ‘Haha. Siao ah? The hotels here are not cheap you know?’

Me: ‘I know lah. Money no problem. You’ve never stayed in a local hotel before right?’

Joyce: ‘Yeah. I only can stay when I am traveling. Hmm.. You sure you got money?’

Me: ‘Yupp. Don’t worry.’

No one, not even my parents, knew I got S$20k plus from the Toto lottery I bought a couple of weeks ago.

We made our way to Mariotte and checked in, dumped our stuff on the desk and collapsed on the bed. How could a guy, alone in the room with a girl, not do anything?

Adjusting her to a comfortable position, I tucked her in and went for a shower. After preparing a rubber and a vibrator, I went under her blanket and hugged her close to me, making sure she could feel my naked hard on.

Turning her head sleazily to me, she smiled and said she was wet. I could only get harder after hearing her. My hand around her went south and teased her aroused slit, turning it into a ever-flowing tap.

Guessing she could not take it anymore, her body turned towards me and she opened her legs, going over my waist. Pushing her soaked panties to a side, I slid my hot rod into her. Doing it sideways isn’t that difficult either, my hips didn’t had to raise, just sliding it across the sheets.

As my hips gradually got consistent in the rhythm, her moans echoed through the silence. I really couldn’t last this time. Her tightening pussy took all my concentration, the worse part was she made me want to cum in her pussy badly.

With every ‘out’ motion, her little hole would suck me right in, making it unbearable within just 20 minutes of action.

Me: ‘Joyce! I can’t take it anymore. Can I shoot inside?’

There was no response, looking closely at her face, she was out cold. Yes her pussy was getting tighter every orgasm but there was no movement from her. Should I be happy?

I slowed my pace down and enjoyed her unconsciousness. After a relaxed 5 minutes, she came to and whispered.

Joyce: ‘You can shoot inside me.’

With that, I faced her upwards and got on top of her. Shoving my super charged piston into her, my hips started the engines and fired away, ramming deep and hard into her, making her scream for me to stop.

I was familiar with that term. ‘Stop stop’. She was Cummings and her cunt was getting more sensitive than anything.

Her muscles tensed and tightness beyond her control came and that sparked my piston, firing the huge warm payload into her. Her lifeless body wasn’t expressionless. There was this little smile on her face.

We slept through the night and went home happily. Hmm.. Shall we meet for new year?

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