Back Fire

Amanda and I were at the usual staircase, having our weekly fun. She had removed her panties and her top, only to be covered by a shawl she bought at Action City. Sitting a step lower that me, she went between my legs and was giving me head, a strong and fast one.

Suddenly, the door nearest to our stairs swung open and an ah beng like person stormed in, catching her holding on to my dick in shock.

Guy: ‘What are you guys doing? Think you can get away with this ah?’

Me: ‘Huh? What do you want?’

Guy: ‘I want to report you guys to the police. Doing indecent acts in public.’

Amanda was terrified, she cannot go to the police, her parents will surely beat the hell out of her. She intercepted and made things a little complicated.

Amanda: ‘Please don’t do that. What do you want from us?’

Guy: ‘I want you *pointing at Amanda* to do to me what you did to him.’

Amanda looked at me with those sorry eyes. I wouldn’t just let her get threatened like that. But judging from the way we were dressed, there isn’t much we can do either. Stepping aside, I took my iPod touch and watched while she turned herself to face that ah beng.

She undid his pants and underwear, then proceed to squeeze some lub onto her hands and stroked him. He was holding onto the railings and enjoying the free blowjob by a sexy little girl which every female desires. As he got harder, he demanded Amanda to suck him. Looking at his lub covered dick, she gave her one last stroke to get as much lub off as possible, and went down on him.

Sucking him like a machine, she closed her eyes and imagine whatever made her felt better. Watching her getting tortured, she slowly came to enjoy the blowjob and sucked him like she always did for me. Nonetheless, tears were rolling down her eyes. Deep in her mouth, she knew it was different.

I wasn’t just standing there ‘enjoying’ the view. Some fucker actually took advantage and forced her to do such things. As my iPod touch was the 4th generation one, with camera, I launched ‘SpyVid’ and recorded the act.

Guy: ‘Oi! What are you doing?’

Me: ‘Playing game?’

Guy: ‘You think I don’t know you recording ah? Show me the screen!’

I turned the screen and showed him the twitter page. Amanda stopped for a while to catch her breath but continued after he gave her head a light tap.

After a agonizing ten minutes, he started getting rougher and forced her head on himself. Luckily or unluckily, Amanda had been trained at that, with me. She let herself to be dominated for that moment until he emptied his rounds down her throat. It was better than receiving at her mouth since she would be able to taste that bastard’s cum.

He finished his extortion and left, even telling me to enjoy myself. I went over to clean Amanda up and get her back in composure. He appeared at the window facing the stairs and winked. I gave her a long hug and she stopped crying.

Amanda: ‘Luckily he didn’t demand sex.’

Me: ‘Yupp. Sigh.. you want to go home?’

Amanda: ‘No.. I want you inside me. I want to flush his sperms away.’

We went back to our first position and she continued sucking me off. Her pussy was wet despite we haven’t even reached there.

Me: ‘You’re wet?’

Amanda nodded.

Me: ‘Are you turned on by him?’

Tears then dropped onto my pubic hair. I raised her head and looked at her. Assuring that I won’t blame her no matter what. She’s still dear to me. After a little hug-cry session, her mouth resumed work and I gave her a hard shot to the back of her throat, making sure I pump every drop to clean her up.

Still stroking my dick, she got it up in no time and kept going for a while. Amanda’s face and body was one that you would just want to keep doing with her. After guys cum, the feeling would suddenly turn to ‘sian’ and plans to run or get out of that situation would set in. But not with Amanda. You would wish you had enough of her, you would wish she isn’t such a horny girl.

My gun was readied and she sunk it into her hole, as I humped her in missionary on the steps, she smiled and moaned her heart out. Enjoying every moment like never before. It was more like a counsel-with-pleasure session that I could go on for a  good 15 minutes before cumming inside her, filling her womb up with my love.

We got dressed and went off. The video that I took? That guy wouldn’t just get away that easily. He just committed a crime by forcing an underage girl into indecent acts.

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Thanks for your comment! Woohoo! Are you the writer of Hmm.. does it mean.. ‘Me’ is in danger of breaking the law too? I’m not that clear about the laws conforming to ‘statutory rape’. Please do enlighten me.

Well, you said that Guy committed a crime by forcing an underage girl into indecent acts. But you had sex with her, and that is statutory rape.

But hey, it’s just a comment. As long as you had fun.

Haha. Ahh okay. No lah. Was just trying to understand how ‘Me’ might be charged with statutory rape. ^^V I didn’t have sex with her though, at least not in this particular entry. No wonder I was a little lost. Whee! No statutory rape!

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