Your pen? My pen?

Don’t we all once in a while have a fantasy about the girl on the same bus with you? That goes to work ‘with’ you almost everyday? Don’t we keep staring? This lady, who usually dressed herself in casual office wear, were always on the same ride with me to work.

Her dress code was pretty straightforward, more formal from Monday to Thursday, then extra casual on Fridays. Since I first noticed her, she was in skirts until today, which is a Friday.

Yesterday was the release of our afterwork fun. I was sitting across her on bus 853 from Ang Mo Kio. About one Atop later, i caught her staring at me whilst I was stealing glances at her myself. This particular bus was quite unpredictable, and the one I was on was empty except for a couple of passengers sleeping at the rear.

She was specially wearing a short skirt and to my surprise, she opened her legs, showing me her ‘open-slit’ panties. A hard on was imminent. She then signal me for a pen and paper. For your information, she had a wedding ring on her hand.

She scribbled something and returned me the paper.

‘Your pen is mine. 96******’

Pen is mine? Penis mine? Anyway, I kept the note till work ended, and gave her a call.

Her: ‘Hello?’

Me: ‘Hi, I’m the guy on the bus.’

Her: ‘Oh.. Work ended? Where are you now?’

Me: ‘I’m at Tai Seng MRT now. You?’

Her: ‘Still at work leh. Hmm.. Let’s meet at the bus stop where we take 853. 8pm can?’

Me: ‘Yupp. Can.’

I went home and change into a casual shirt and berms. The wait at the bus stop wasn’t long, she alighted merely 5 minutes time and we went for dinner at the S11 nearby. We knew what was on each others’ mind, and dinner was quickly consumed. Not being able to hold hands in public, we chatted till we reached her place. She lifted up the pot and took out the key for the main door.

Me: ‘Huh? You’re not afraid?’

Her: ‘Haha. Only you know about this. Now you know how to get into my house.’

After making sure the door is bolted, I made myself comfortable on the brown leather seat while she go puts her stuff down. She was done in 30 seconds and was beside me before I could figure out the TV. Pushing a button on the universal remote, the living room lights dimmed and she took my hand, between her legs, under her skirt.

Like all you guys out there, I knew what to do. Pressing my middle finger on her clit, I gently moved in a circular motion, not intending to finger her. While she was enjoying my ‘massage’, I couldn’t hold the question any longer.

Me: ‘Will your husband suddenly pop out?’

Her: ‘Don’t worry. He won’t be home for this month. He’s working in SIA as a pilot. Always too busy for me.’

Me: ‘Okay. Now that I am relieved.. can you close your eyes?’

Kneeling in front of her on the carpeted floor, my hands ran up her legs and pushed her skirt to her waist, and tugging her panties off on the way back down her ankles. Spreading her legs open by her knees, I paste my head on her stomach and licked her. My tongue ran all over her pussy, sending waves of trembles and deep breaths.

Both her hands were on my head, guiding me wherever it made her felt best. Soon, more than just trembles came. Moans were heard (loud ones) and juices flowed. Her sweat-covered body slid down the sofa till she was lying on it, her legs supporting her lower body.

Tilting my head up, she glanced at me with the ‘I need more’ expression. I smiled her blooster from the bedroom she entered to elevate my hips, so that my dick could then be ‘parked’ into her pussy. Holding her waist tightly, my mind is all prepared to taste my first MILF.

Sinking my dick into her slot, her moans changed to those made by Japanese porn stars, only softer, and meeker. The arousal was too much to take. Increasing my pace, I wasn’t in much control over her surprisingly tight pussy. As I felt my balls were ready, I slowed down and let both of us catch some breath.

Me: ‘You’re tight. Your guy hasn’t been having sex?’

Her: ‘We have been married for 2 years, and we only had sex like once every month. I think he’s having his own fun overseas.’

Me: ‘Okay. Let’s not let him spoil our mood even more.’

With that sentence, I rammed her faster and was soon lying on top of her, pushing the full length of my dick into her. Making the screams escape from her once every few thrusts. Within the next 10 minutes, I was ready to fire and had to stop suddenly.

Her: ‘Cumming?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Where do I shoot?’

Her: ‘Inside me?’

Me: ‘Huh? Will it be safe?’

Her: ‘I resumed talking the pills since I saw you.’

Gotten my piece of mind, I continued my frenzy thrusts and somehow, we came at the same time. (: With her pussy muscles squeezing every drop of cum out of me, my dick was at her mercy and getting my little bro out wasn’t easy at all. The nerves at my sensitive dick were screaming as her pussy created a suction to pull me back right in.

Her: ‘I feel so warm inside.’

Don’t every guy want to hear that?

We lay on the sofa wet and tired from the exercise, holding her in my arms as she rested. At the same time, her hand was on my not-so-hard on and massaging it, trying to revive it. My hand? Of course at her pussy, getting more water out from down under.

Her: ‘Did you enjoy it?’

Me: ‘Yes of course. You?’

Her: ‘To make you happy is my enjoyment. I came about 4 times, you think leh?’

Me: ‘Haha. So I can drop by anytime?’

Her: ‘Yupp. But give me a call or message first k?’

We had small talks and I did spend the night at her place, since it’s late and there isn’t work tomorrow. No we didn’t do more on the bed, we slept – like a husband and wife would.

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