As soon as the clock strike eleven, the main door opened and my younger sister bashed through it, with her hands full. She had her laptop bag, yoga mat and some shopping bags from NTUC. I got up from the couch and helped her packed the food into the fridge, while she went straight for her bedroom. Just as I was finished in the kitchen, I heard her calling for me and I made my way into her room...

Chocolate Play

I met Pam after work and we went to my house. She brought a bottle of Hershey chocolate syrup and went to my room as instructed. Of course, the photo shoot was getting more daring and kinky. I got into the bed with her and she popped open the cap, ready to drench my meat with it. I took the bottle from her, and told her ‘I want to eat you first’. She turned onto her back and opened...


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