As soon as the clock strike eleven, the main door opened and my younger sister bashed through it, with her hands full. She had her laptop bag, yoga mat and some shopping bags from NTUC. I got up from the couch and helped her packed the food into the fridge, while she went straight for her bedroom. Just as I was finished in the kitchen, I heard her calling for me and I made my way into her room, smelling of a slight floral scent and some sweaty odour from her clothes.

Sister: ‘Kor.. can you cook something for me? I didn’t have dinner. And so damn tired from yoga.’

Me: ‘Can. I’ll bring it to you.’

I cooked my usual ‘signature’ maggie mee and brought it to her room, sitting next to her while she ranted about how the female instructor kept touching her as though she was trying to seduce. The whole session sounded funny to me and the bowl of noodles was finished in a haste. I collected the bowl and made my way back to the sink, where I had prepared a small serving of ice cream for her.

Back in her bedroom, she had made herself comfortable under the blanket and tapping away on her phone. Seeing the dessert bowl, she gave me a smile and I stretched my hands to pull her up.

Sister: ‘Kor, feed me. I’m too lazy.’

Me: ‘Can you please change out of your smelly clothes? You’re going to fall sick.’

Sister: ‘Later can? Ice cream first.’

Knowing that she loved half melted cream, I tugged the blanket off her body and saw her naked butt, where she quickly snatched the blanket from me and covered herself.

Me: ‘And your top? I’ll bring the ice cream back after you have changed.’

Sister: ‘Huh! No.. ‘

Her hand held onto my shirt, not letting me go with the bowl of goodies. Having no choice, I tickled her waist and she jumped up, getting into a catfight resisting change. Since she wanted to play, I laid my hands on her camisole bra top and pulled it upwards, immobilising her limbs as the shirt tangled around her forearms. Looking at the pair of developing breasts, I pushed her back on the pillow and placed my mouth around her nipples, sucking on them as her chest rose to the rhythm.

Sister: ‘Kor.. We agreed to stop.. after I turned 16.. You can’t.. ‘

She did not complete her sentence and fell into the long breaths of moans. I removed her top off her wrists and her hands went behind my neck, pressing my mouth onto her 32B cups. I couldn’t get enough of the tiny boobs and kept going. After a minute or so, she took my hand and placed it under the blanket on her leg. Well, I knew what to do.

Moving my warm hand to her pussy, the juicy slit was expecting me and the clit massage did not disappoint her at all. Somehow, she regained her energy and reached for my cock, pumping me like a water gun. I could tell from her face that constantly gave me the CFM look, that she really wanted more. But our blood relationship prevented her from making the request. My fingers entered her after she got really wet and her hand occasionally visited her pussy to borrow some moisturiser to rub my dick with.

Sister (whispering): ‘Kor.. you want?’

Me (whispering): ‘I don’t know.’

Sister (whispering): ‘I.. want. Can?’

Seeing that cute face in front of me, how could I say no? There was actually a secret I was tasked with, to tell her when the time is right. Our parents were often at work, spending very little time with the two of us. So, they told me the truth because I was the one who spent most time taking care of their daughter.

Me: ‘Mei.. I have something to tell you. Mum and dad had told me a long time ago, but they wanted me to wait till the right time before letting you know.’

Suddenly, she stopped stroking me and stared into my eyes. I didn’t know if it was a good or bad thing. But since I told her there was a secret, it was time to tell her the truth.

Me: ‘Mei. When you were 3 months old, mum and dad adopted you because your real parents were migrating overseas to start afresh. I was three at that time and did not understand what was happening. But I liked you cause I could see how much our parents loved you too. You were like.. ‘

Sister: ‘You mean we are not related by blood?’

Me: ‘Yes. But our family has always.. ‘

Sister: ‘I know. I understand that mum and dad treated me like their own. And I am happy in this family. But that means that we.. ‘

She stopped without completing her sentence and her hand resumed stroking me. Realising how well she took the truth, I continued fingering her under the blankets and she pulled my neck down to kiss me on my lips.

Sister (whispering): ‘I love you kor.’

There was no way to reciprocate with my mouth busy, and the newfound flow of life had turned her strokes graceful. Like.. pleasuring her guy (she was single then). The truth created a safe distance between our intimacy, and I was obliged to give her what she wanted. She spread her legs for me to kneel between and I proceeded to enter her in the most careful manner. As I planted my rod deeply, her hands rested on my face and stole kisses with short tongue action.

Sister (whispering): ‘I want you to shoot inside me.’

I knew she was on the pill so she could do her sports without any breaks due to menstruation. But it wasn’t intended for me to take advantage of. I had made up my mind not to let the newly revealed secret be the excuse to creampie my own sister. Without giving her a reply, I rammed hard into her small pussy and gave her the orgasms she missed. We were already close before she knew she was adopted, but in a magical way, I felt that we had gone another level closer after I told her about it.

Just after a few minutes of missionary, we changed to cowgirl and she rode like a warrior on my stallion. Grinding hips, bouncing boobs. I was kneading her breasts while she hopped on top of me, working her PC muscles to give me a sensational intercourse. At the steady pace she went, it was fast yet swift, without driving me into agonising sensitivity. Once her body was glowing with sweat from the workout, I sat myself up and gently laid her body down onto the bed.

Me: ‘Mei.. turn around?’

She flipped on her knees and kissed me from the side. I was ready behind her and my hands were uncontrollably kneading her boobs, toying with her nipples. She finally stopped making out and bent down on her hands. I guided my dick into the fresh cunt and held her slim waist, before pounding in long, fast strokes.

The slapping sounds of our hips danced like music in the room, with soft moans and manly groans (from me). The secret.. had opened our doors so wide that we were glad there was no blood between us, giving us the freedom to fuck as much as we want.

Taking her in doggie was one of the most challenging position as she could control her tightness perfect with my rhythm. Every entry would be a tight one and the exit would further delay my own climax. The speechless but noisy girl was gyrating her butt on my groin at the same time I pounded her. Maintaining in that speed, it had given me a full ten minutes of sex without the screaming alarm of ejaculation.

But all good things must come to an end, we all know that. I slowed down to a stop and pulled myself out. I laid against the bolster on the other end of the bed and took up the bowl of melted ice cream.

Me: ‘Mei. I won’t cum in you, not even when you are on the pill. We just needed help to satisfy our frequent cravings, not live like we are going to dedicate our lives to each other.’

Sister: ‘I understand what you mean kor.’

She took a mouthful of cold cream from the bowl into her mouth and sat between my opened legs. Her lips went over my manhood and let the chill swamp down my shaft as her mouth took my rod deeply. The cream was used as a partial lubricant because she still wanted the ice cream cold. I let her work on me for a few more seconds before she swallowed the cream.

One hand holding the base of my shaft, her other hand was fondling my balls. Her head went non-stop up and down my rod with her saliva gradually warming my dick. It was a slow transition from heaven to.. heaven I guess. Her diligent blowjob finally triggered my urge and I signalled her with a tap on her head. Right after, her mouth moved faster and kept increasing in speed until I jerked myself to the ideal sitting position, holding onto her neck as the powerful squirts of hot cream fired into her mouth.

Mei took every drop of it without flinching an eyelid and even kept her lips moving in short movements as my muscles sent the semen into another battlefield. It took me at least a minute to recover from her playful tongue that kept swirling around my little head, forcing my dick to cum just-one-more-time after each. Exhausted from the doggie and intense CIM, I laid on the footrest weakly while she opened her mouth to drink the rest of the melted ice cream.

Every drop of my cum went down with her dessert and she became very tired instantly. I got out of her bed and tucked my little sister in, without her clothes on so she could enjoy the air conditioning. A kiss on her lips sealed the night and I went back to the living room, distracted from the TV by the sexy time we just had on her princess bed.

After I wrote this entry, I couldn’t help but have an inspiration to write it from the sisters’s point of view. Of course, it wouldn’t just be an ‘opposite’ view. The storyline will have a little variation, but some of it will sound familiar. Look out for it in the next post!

Update (2 Apr ’15): It seems that I have not gotten around to write the second part. Still, do come back for other genre of stories. Thank you full-stopĀ for pointing out the typo.

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