After a three days four nights of camping by the beach, I was dead tired by the time I reached home and fell onto the bed without changing out of my fresh clothes. Still, the clothes wasn’t exactly dry as the camping bag was at least 8kg, with wet clothes in it. My girlfriend, Angel, was at home dozing off on the sofa when I arrived past 11pm.

Angel: ‘Baby, can you please change out of your clothes? Don’t dirty the bed.’

Me: ‘After I take a nap can?’

Angel: ‘No. I’ll take it off for you. Sit up.’

She pulled my shirt off as I rested on the bed, and my beach shorts came off shortly after. My favourite underwear was all that’s left on me, and there was some action stirring under it as well. Her long t-shirt with a gapping neckline had let a little light escape and her pair of nipples seemed to tempting to lay my hands on. After all, it had been four days since I had any action with my girl.

Still seated next to me on my bed, I reached my hands under her shirt while she was straightening a new set of clothes for me. Her nipples were first to meet my fingers and I rolled them around while she squirmed to complete her task.

Peeking at my bulge, she knew I was turned on but the fact that I haven’t took my shower held her back. I peeled the elastic band of my underwear down and the rod sprang into attention.

Me: ‘Baby.. ‘

Angel: ‘Don’t call me that. You haven’t shower.’

Me: ‘Just wipe it?’

Angel: ‘Fine.’

She took the roll of baby wipes that we usually used after sex and cleaned it up, working along the shaft like a well-trained nurse. Of course, I got harder when she did that and pulled her on top of me, lifting her shirt up to suck on those pink tips. Half sucking half biting, her hand found its way to my dick and stroked it while I wet her panties.

Angel (shyly): ‘B.. I just masturbated before you got home. I missed you so much.’

I felt a twitch in my dick when I heard that naughty sentence, was she wanting me as bad as I wanted her? I reached my hands into her FBT shorts and realised there was no netting under it, even a little wet. That was very unlikely of her to wear that rare shorts I didn’t know she had. My fingertips ran along her slit until she couldn’t take it and tried to push my fingers into her pussy.

Me: ‘Baby, turn around into doggie and suck suck?’

Angel: ‘But I don’t want you to lick me. I don’t like.’

Me: ‘I know. Kneel beside me.’

I shifted myself nearer to the wall and she climbed on top of the bed in doggie, right beside me. Bending my arm at 45 degrees from my shoulders, it was the perfect position to rub her down while her mouth was at my rod. As I teased with my fingers at her opening, her arms got weaker and I knew she wouldn’t be able to use her hands, leaving only her mouth to return the favour.

Rubbing for a few more seconds, I saw her mouth moving towards my rod and taking the tip between her lips. Poking her tongue at my pee hole, the sensitivity drove me wild and I gave her an inch of my finger. Slowly, she started moving up and down my shaft and I timed my fingers to do the same, plunging into her love hole as she swallowed my manhood.

Occasionally taking breaks, I kept going until she was dripping onto my forearm, and my dick had enjoyed enough of her wonderful, inexperienced mouth.

Angel (shyly): ‘B, I want you inside me.’

I let her take my spot on the bed, a little warmed and moist from my body, and capped myself as she laid embarrassed with the corner of our blanket on her eyes. The innocent, frightened look was what that melted me when I positioned her legs at the sides, knees raised out of the way.

Me: ‘Ready?’

Angel: ‘You know I’m never ready.’

It was a white lie that meant exactly the opposite. I leaned over her body and careful let myself in. The playful girl let her arms go around my chest and rested her hands on my sides, making me feel so intimate like a married couple. As I exerted more force to penetrate, her expression told me that it was pain mixing with pleasure that she felt. The short sensation of the wonderful mixture that would go away in minutes.

Once my rod sank all the way into her, she wrapped her legs around me and held me in place. It was that minute where her body needed to accustomed itself to my size.

Angel: ‘Why are you so big? How does my baby feel?’

Me: ‘You’re super tight.’

True enough, this special girl had a gift every men on the planet would want. Whenever we had sex, her pussy would feel as though I was taking her virginity, over and over again. It would relax during the course of action, but the first entry of each session would be so tight and rewarding. It was a physical reminder of the first time we did it, being the first to claim her as mine.

And to fully let her vagina get used to me, I began thrusting and the tightness wore off, with the pain subsiding as her legs fell opened to the sides. I just kept ramming my dick at her, getting the voiceless ecstatic mouth opened, silently screaming pleasure. After a few rounds of her climaxing under my attacks, I raised her thighs to my shoulders and continued pounding her, only deeper and faster.

Well, as you guys would imagine, placing her legs together would apply more pressure around my dick, and that position would cover every part of her heightened senses of her vagina. I must admit it was pure rampage when I got into that phase. Angel struggled helplessly trying to grab something, finally using the small pillow to cover her mouth, muffling the moans that lasted seconds each time.

It was pure pleasure that drove me to keep going until her mind got too much of the pleasure, and she stopped me shortly after. It was time for her favourite position, one that allowed me to go much deeper, and giving her a chance for revenge.

Angel: ‘Let’s change position.’

I backed away and watched the excited lady get on her fours, butt sticking out at me and face buried in the Italian pillow. I gently raised her hips and placed the tip at her opening. Thereafter, my hands went to her waist and a strong tug brought her body down on my shaft. The sudden penetration was well loved by her as it gave her a sensation of being raped. Immediately after I entered, there was no stopping as I pounded her so hard that she could not raise her chest up.

There were moments where I found the perfect tempo and simply used the bedsheets as a slippery surface to slide my knees across, resulting in a high speed attack into her pussy. Orgasms passed like seconds and the fight to maintain her consciousness was getting more difficult. Finally, she gathered enough strength to squeeze on my unstoppable dick and drove me mad with her skills.

Seeing how much energy she had left, I took up the challenge and banged her even harder, making her lose control over the contractions. In that position, I understood that she would want me to last as long as I could, and so I did. I did not request for any changes and just fucked her brains out.

As time past, my soldiers were ready to be unleashed and we knew how to read the signals. I would pick up speed and she would relax herself, letting me guide her movements until I came. So there it went, high-speed, non-slapping, shallow-long strokes finally released the kraken at the same time she climaxed. Her pussy collapsed around my spewing rod and I could totally feel the milking motion of her vagina.

She backed herself until I fell onto the bed, and she turned her body awkwardly around while on top. We were still connected and she laid on my chest, looking up at me to receive the pecks she wanted.

Angel: ‘B love.. I want to sleep with you inside me.’

We slept with our feet at headboard and it did not give me much rest before I felt my rod awakening to the biological movements of her pussy. Feeling my rod growing in her, Angel woke up with a smile and proceeded to ride me, going non-stop until the sperm-filled condom got another serving. The lazy cowgirl ride was so sloppy and randomly slow that it tired her out even more, while I felt energised by the impromptu sex.

Once again, I fell asleep inside her and the tiring rounds of continuous sex went on till the wee hours of the day.

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