Pssh Bang

I had spent fifteen minutes in the shop looking for the whipping siphon I wanted, and it seemed that it wasn’t on display. So, I headed for the information counter where another female customer came just after me.

Me: ‘May I know where is the whipping siphon?’

Staff: ‘It’s upstairs, beside the chemistry counter.’

The girl beside heard what our conversation and followed me, going around a small corner to the staircase leading up. As I made my way to my objective, she tapped on my waist and spoke in an Indonesian accent while sticking closely behind.

Girl: ‘You are getting a whipping siphon?’

Me: ‘Yeah. You too?’

Girl: ‘I wanted to get one after watching the videos on YouTube, but am not sure how to choose one.’

Me: ‘Oh. Let’s go up and see what they have.’

We walked to the section where the various aluminium canisters were stored and I picked one that had a good review on the websites I checked. We spent a good five minutes discussing about the workings of the gastronomy of the device and she was pretty convinced about the benefits. We took down the item code and continued walking around the empty level two to browse the attractive metalware on display.

Girl: ‘I am Natasha, you?’

Me: ‘I’m K. You’re from Indonesia?’

Natasha: ‘Yeah. But I lived in Singapore for five years already.’

We quickly paid for our purchases since there was nothing else we wanted to buy and she offered to drive me to somewhere convenient where I can take public transport home. Before she could start the car, the weather turned dark quickly and a heavy downpour followed.

Natasha: ‘I just got my license and I don’t think I will drive in the rain. I’m so sorry.’

Me: ‘It’s okay. I’m in no hurry.’

We continued talking for a while before she asked a casual question that almost seemed too unbelievable for such an attractive girl.

Natasha: ‘Is it hard to get a good boyfriend in Singapore? I don’t think there are many like you who will invest in such things. Men usually just focus on earning money, while the girls do all the cooking.’

Me: ‘It’s my hobby to play with interesting devices. And not many people will own such things too. I think I can make good food.’

Her giggles from our small discussion led her to feel extra relax and her hand found its way to my lap, patting and stroking my thigh with every laugh. I guess that was how friendly the people from Indonesia were, and it did help relax myself too. In the privacy of the car, I placed my hand on her lap as well and I could see a little shyness on her face.

Natasha: ‘I quite like you. You’re nice to talk to.’

Me: ‘Thanks. You too. Can’t believe a girl like you will have problems looking for a boyfriend.’

By then, I had learnt a few facts about her. Natasha was 26 this year and had been single for three years after her Singaporean boyfriend cheated on her. Although she was an Indonesian, her mother was Japanese and that explained the fair complexion, along with a natural thick head of hair, permed, dyed and styled like a Japanese.

The white top she wore was a little translucent and her black halter bra was screaming loudly through her shirt. Her checkered bandage skirt was positioned nicely above her thighs, at a decent length that wouldn’t attract unwanted attention. Her slim figure was all thanks to the daily workout, since she was still looking for a lifelong partner.

Natasha had parked her car in a convenient corner for the reason that it was easier to park beside a wall, fearing that she might hit other cars. So, it was just two sides that constantly distracted us, in front, and the other side where a van had parked next to her.

As the car got cooler in the chilly weather, we lowered the backrest and her hand was frequently trying to move up my pair of sport shorts.

Natasha: ‘Are you cold?’

Me: ‘I’m fine. You? Need me to warm you up?’

Natasha: ‘Haha. How?’

Me: ‘Let’s go to the back. I’ll show you.’

In the passenger seat, my hand moved up her legs and went under her skirt, where a thin fabric met my rough fingers. It immediately sent a thrill down to my little brother and I wriggled my fingers under the panties to her smooth pussy. Her eyes remained closed as I began rubbing on her clit, with her legs trembling from the waves of pleasure flooding her mind. She pulled her skirt higher on her own accord and shifted her hands under her shirt, unhooking the bra from the front and massaging the succulent pair.

Watching the beautiful girl getting herself so horny, I picked up my speed and drove her to an orgasm, with moans that could possibly be audible outside her car. Once the climax died down, she stopped me and pushed me to lie on the remaining space behind me. Her eager hands yanked my shorts down and exposed my dick that flung straight for the hood.

Natasha: ‘Someone feeling naughty huh?’

Me: ‘I couldn’t help it.’

She hushed me and her mouth went to work on my rod. Licking from the sides, I could feel my nerves channeling all the sensitivity to the tip. Her soft fingers were handling my rod so skilfully that it felt so calming. Finally, her lips went over the tip and long graceful strokes began sending my dick into the heavens. The softened tongue roamed around my shaft while a light suction kept my blood pumping. Her hair felt so fluffy in my hands and I had to use all my willpower to stop myself from forcing her down.

As she kept going, her lips reached deeper down with each thrust and before I knew it, she was giving me a deepthroat. Never had I experienced such depth, coupled with so much saliva that made the whole thing so warm and sensual. After five minutes of euphoria, I pulled her towards me and we made out like we were each other’s first. We had definitely felt younger by a few years as our hands moved all over our bodies, exploring sensitive areas and keeping our hormones raging with occasional brushes across our parts.

Natasha: ‘You wanna do it?’

Me: ‘I have been thinking about that since the start.’

She removed her skirt and adjusted her shirt to provide some protection in case anyone interrupted, while I remained bottomless from her blowjob. Reaching for the cupboard under the dashboard, a new 3-pack condoms appeared and she asked me to look at the expiry. Well, it was just a few months away from a possible ‘rot’, but it was actually intended to tell me how long had she been keeping it, going unused until today.

I tore the wrapper and proceeded to place it on my tip, ready to roll it down and get into action. But before I could move, she held my wrists firmly and once again brought her mouth to my penis, executing a lip-roll of the rubber over my shaft. Of course, it was a heaven and hell difference compared to the bare-back blowjob (BBBJ) earlier. Nonetheless, she got it in place and I placed her on her back after shifting my butt near the door.

Entering her in missionary, a painful expression appeared and I paused midway. The battle in my head was either to just shove it in, or go slow. Since she had been so initiating, I took the chance and rammed it into her, resulting a claw into my ribs and back, as though Wolverine just killed me. Natasha bit her lips to suppress the moans and I just pumped her hard to negate the pain. Her legs went around me, attempting to keep me inside for a while so she could recover, but there was no time for that. Well, it was my hormones that couldn’t wait, not time.

I pounded her like how a rabbit would, setting off orgasms there were merely minutes apart. Her tight pussy showed me how long she had not had sex, and it simply drove me crazier when I felt her muscles contracting on me. Droplets of sweat fell on her chest as I kept up my tempo, until I adopted a series of long, powerful strokes, taken in a slightly slower pace, amped up her climax.

Natasha: ‘Oh stop teasing me already. Let me cum, please.’

I smiled at her and took my time, before she reached for my testicles and fondled it. Damn, she does know how to push me to my limits. I gave in to her demand and fucked her hard. The following orgasm sent her body thrashing around once I picked up my speed, maintaining the same deep thrusts. Seeing how violent she got, I pulled out and laid on top of her lightly, letting her hug me while pleasure bombarded her senses.

It took quite a while for her to recover, but my dick was still being teased by her pussy lips that jerked up and down, accidentally touching the tip. Only after another five minutes, she caught her breath and sat up in fear, giving herself up from my continuous pounding.

Natasha: ‘I can’t take it anymore. I need to rest.’

Me: ‘And continue later?’

Natasha: ‘Hehe. No! But I will help you out. Just no more sex.’

She unrolled the condom with care and chuck it on the floor. We moved to the centre of the seats and she went to a 69 position, taking my dick into her mouth before I could even angle her pussy at my mouth. The fast movements of her head totally threw me off, and getting my tongue to stroke her was even harder. Still, I did my best to lick her off while she mouth-fucked me, moving horizontally as though she was being penetrated in doggie.

My dick slid easily down her throat and her lips kept themselves tightly sealed. I had given up trying to lick her after a minute as there was no way to keep it together. I was so distracted by her awesome oral. I kept two fingers inside her while she moved, letting her ‘finger’ herself while her pointy nipples brushed along my stomach.

It took her quite a while to get my cumming, but she managed to pull it of anyway. I felt the urge building up after ten minutes and warned her about it. Hearing that the finale was approaching, she slowed down in anticipation, but I had something else in mind for her. It would be a waste to just let her have it so easy right?

I got up on my knees and let her lie between my legs, swapping positions for the ’69’. Aiming my dick downwards in missionary, I quickly snatched the short bolster at her rear window, placing it below her neck for support. Once my dick was in place, I bent forward to her pussy and began the proper licking, toying the delicate pink flaps that protected her clit. My hips was thrusting in momentum into her mouth, down her throat, while she closed her eyes to receive all of the forceful blowjob.

I must admit, her mouth felt as good as her pussy and I took less than two minutes before reaching my limits. Ramming it deep down her throat, I lifted my hips at the last second to let gravity extract the powerful geyser of sperms that filled her mouth. Still thrusting, she used her lips and a small vacuum to clean me out and the brain-numbing moment lasted the longest in my life. Once I was done, I sat back on my legs and let her up.

Satisfied and pleased with our short sexcapade, I rested lazily where I sat and she laid her head on my lap, still sucking occasionally at the little stub that spewed the leftovers. We did nothing for a long time until the rain stopped, and she got up to wear her clothes back, without her panties. Since we’ve got what we wanted, we made our way home in her car and her pussy was still busy, with my fingers keeping her alert for the journey.

Natasha: ‘If I have any problems with the siphon, can I ask you over to my place?’

Me: ‘Sure. You know, whipped cream is a good moisturiser for your breasts and pussy.’

Natasha: ‘Let’s try that next time. And lick it off so it won’t go to waste.’

She dropped me off at my place and made her way back, leaving her panties secretly tucked into the plastic bag of my siphon. What a day the siphon had given me.

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