What She Sees

This entry is written in the point-of-view of a girl. Hope you guys will like it.

Upon boarding the empty double decker bus, my boyfriend and I went straight to the upper deck which we saw was unoccupied. The ride from Bras Basah to his place was quite a distance, and should give us some time to ourselves. This particular day, I had wore the black halter neck bra he bought for me and the pleated stripped skirt, much like how the school girls in Japan wore. It was quite short ending above my knees, and the steps of the bus totally exposed my pink cotton panties I wore underneath. That was one of his favourite panties I had since a long time ago.

Moving to the back of the bus, I felt my pussy got wet uncontrollably, as though it had knew what was coming. We placed our shopping bags on the empty space of the last row of seats, making ourselves comfortable near the window. As usual, I had snuggled into the corner and placed my knees on the back of the backrest in front. He made sure to sit super close to me and squashed me into the corner, while his arms rested between my thighs.

We had been dating for about two years now, and we respected the public intimacy we enjoyed, knowing that citizens often ‘Stomp’ those PDA that seemed too much for them. This time, there was no one to bother us, and even less likely to get sniped in our little cosy corner. His arm pushed its way to separate my legs and he noticed my wetness in mere seconds. There was no hiding that I was turned on as much as he was, thrilled to have some privacy to ourselves.

As he began rubbing on my panties, my hand went to work on his bulge and couldn’t wait to unzip his pants. The slight odour from his dick filled the air and I found it pleasant to know how horny he was. After all, he was mine to enjoy. Blood rushed to his groin and made it so hard that I wished he could put it inside me right there, but the space was too restrictive to properly enjoy sex. So, it was just masturbation that we could indulge in, maybe going a little further.

I stroked his rod up and down while he dug his way into my panties. Like any girls, it was uncomfortable to have a piece of cloth with a hand inside. The next logical thing to do was to disappoint him for a minute, while I stripped my underwear for him. The well-lubricated pussy excited him more and his fingers impatiently plunged into my pussy, parking the back of his thumb closely onto his palm so it could tease my clit while I kept leaking.

My hand on his dick was moving on its own without guidance, it was going at the same intensity he was thrusting his fingers at. It took me less than three minutes before I closed my legs on his hand and displayed an erotic shiver in an orgasm. All I knew was that he took his hand away and flung it a few times, splashing a few drops of my juices onto my legs. That was his way of showing how wet I was. The momentary drop in energy was quickly replenished by his fingers that knew no tiredness, plus the slurping sounds kept him going strong.

I was going so crazy with his enthusiasm, I had almost begged for him to fuck me then. But the continuous fingering drained my will to speak. After another three minutes, he had pushed two fingers in and my legs widened itself to the limit. I could feel how much my entrance was stretching to accommodate the width, and he just kept going despite my pleas to slow down. It was the most ironic to ask him to go slower, because it felt good with pain was mixed into it. Thankfully, he ignored me and drove me insane, dripping juices onto the floor.

Half awake, I had to use all my might to hang on to his dick, and a solution immediately came to my mind. One that can let me get some rest, while taking revenge on his earlier torture. I took his hand away after claiming a little soreness, and made him sit comfortably in his position. I placed his feet on the floor and turned myself towards him. He sort of knew what I was about to do, and relaxed his arms on the chair – like a king.

As a concubine would please her master, I bent downwards and held his rod in place, licking around the sides to cover the salty scent coming from it. That naughty ‘king’ had put up a strong front to signal that my skills was just right for him. Well, that wasn’t good enough for me. Once I could only smell my own saliva, I placed my lips on his pee hole and sucked hard on it. Repeating it until he felt painful and asked me to stop. Like how he raped me with his fingers earlier, I ignored his request and continued to do it a few more times.

Just as his hands found their way to my forehead, I widened my jaws and pushed my head down his shaft, warming the over-sensitive cock as far as I could go. Seeing that it was always one inch short of the full length, I swallowed to keep my throat open and went all the way, letting his tip prod at my uvula, causing a gagging reflex. The soft groan from him made me want to smile but it was difficult with something in my mouth. So I just kept going, serving him like what a boyfriend deserves. Sucking non-stop, a little vacuum was formed as my cheeks puffed and collapsed from the thrusts. There was nothing much that affected the speed as there was no scent from him nor his underwear. All I did was to keep going up and down, letting my tongue glide along the underside of his penis.

Boyfriend: ‘Are you going to make me cum?’

A very good question indeed. All I could reply was a Mmm~ to tell him that I will finish it this way. He slouched his back against the chair and the adjustment made my job easier. As I got used to his size, I forced my head to go faster, but there was always a limit to what my body allowed. Seeing that he had gone quiet, I blindly grabbed his hand and placed it on my ponytail, demanding him to use me as he wished.

Suddenly, he sat straight and forced my head down so deep I choked. He heard the sounds and pulled his hands away, but I kept going. The smart boy understood my intentions and returned to mouth fucking me, driving my mouth so deep and fast I had to close my eyes to the oncoming skin of his groin. Whether there was suction or my tongue in the right place did not matter anymore, cause his speed showed me the duration to his finishing move.

The bus whizzed throughout the highway and we got so busy pleasuring each other. As I slowly lost myself to his tempo, his hips was raising and lowering, as though it was trying to go down my throat. The moment his rod started pulsating, I was already in tears from the pain and strain of my mouth. Luckily, it was about to end.

I let him use my at any speed and he was game to keep it at a fast rhythm. I had lost track of time and even had to masturbate myself to ease the pain in my throat. After a few more minutes after the bus got off the expressway, he changed to longer strokes, but deeper penetrations. The few thrusts made me cry silently until the last lap, where he stopped abruptly.

The pulse in his rod sent a huge wave of cum into my mouth and it kept filling me up. I had to breath out as the semen took over the space and it was the most intense minute I ever experienced. Careful breathing, skilful tongue placement to get him to empty every drop. That’s the objective of an ejaculation right? I did not want him to feel any less than having sex with me, although it was only a blowjob.

He let go off my hair after he was done and I quickly raised my head to show him the amount of cum he deposited inside my mouth. He lightly pushed my chin upwards and gave me a kiss that lasted forever.

Boyfriend (whispering): ‘Swallow it?’

I gulped loudly for him to hear and he checked to confirm I held nothing back. He kissed the tears away from my eyes and I wore my panties back after I helped him get his wiener back into his underwear. For the last few stops of the ride, I remained quiet in his arms to recover my energy. After all, there was so much more to do after we reach his place. Similar to boarding the bus, my pussy was already wet in the lift, where I had to remove my panties so things could move faster when we reach his room.

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