Chocolate Play

I met Pam after work and we went to my house. She brought a bottle of Hershey chocolate syrup and went to my room as instructed. Of course, the photo shoot was getting more daring and kinky.

I got into the bed with her and she popped open the cap, ready to drench my meat with it. I took the bottle from her, and told her ‘I want to eat you first’. She turned onto her back and opened her legs wide. The pink slit became brown and I quickly started feasting on the chocolate. Somehow, the syrup tasted sweeter when mixed with her moistening flesh. As the choc got lesser, more of her juice were smearing the mess all over her thighs.

She cummed really hard from the slow licking and trembled even after I stopped. A few drops on her breasts and again, I was taking as much as I could into my juice-chocolate covered mouth. She was moaning non-stop and unconsciously rubbing her clitoris. She came for the second time and was most horny than ever.

Quickly changing position, she poured a handful of the sweet brown syrup on her hands and rubbed it all over my throbbing meat. She licked it all over in attempt to make the stick pink again. Without her knowing, I cummed during the second round of her chocolate smearing and it was mixed with the chocolate.

She didn’t really notice the extra liquid and continued licking and sucking. It tasted different, but she didn’t know. =P

She went on for a long time and I was of course hard, but it would take longer to cum again. I got on top of her, pushed my chocolate covered dick below her brown pussy and slid across her pussy for as long as she wanted. I could tell she was in the heavens as she cummed and wanted more, like a vicious cycle.

After 18 minutes of sex play, she wanted to put it inside her. She was really horny again and wanted more. I was very reluctant as she intended to save it after marriage. And I’m very sure she would be good in bed from her performance up to now, without sex.

Slowly, I tried to put into her, and inch my inch, my dick disappeared into her. There was blood, and she was in pain. I stopped and only moved when she give me a go. Her pussy was ripped open by my huge dick. I was feeling her pain just by looking at her small hole taking all of my meat.

As gradually as possible, I increased my speed bit by bit. And in no longer than 5 thrusts, she was already asking me to go faster. In and out our privates slapped against each other, the mess was epic, blood, chocolate, cum, all over our bodies. Her tight hole squeezed me and I pulled it out just in time to launch it all over her stomach.

We lay on the bed heaving and catching our breath. She flipped towards me and hugged while she cried. Both of us were worried of what’s about to change our lives, but I assured her that she will be well taken care of, and wouldn’t leave her.

The mess took us 30 minutes of non-stop cleaning and we were teasing each other while we did the clean up naked. Just before we went home, she gave me a quick handjob at one of the staircase at her flat. It was quick, but intense. And in return, I fingered her after my turn. I made sure she put on her panties covered with my cum before she went home.

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