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Every time Pamela and I met, she would kiss me a lot and touch me all over whenever we’re alone. Although she comes from a family with a humble background, she would want to go to hotel for a two hour fun. Of course, I’m a lucky guy to find a girl this horny.

We decided to go to Sentosa and have a relaxing evening together. She booked me for the night and I thought I would be watching sunset and sunrise with her. For the whole trip, I was wondering if one can even catch a sight of the sun in Sentosa.

At 8pm, she brought me to a hotel at Sentosa and shocked me. A room for 2 was booked before hand and she was the one who made the reservation. We started a tongue fight the moment we’re in the hotel. She was undressing her tea dress and I unbuckled my belt.

I was getting a raging hard on when I realised she wasn’t wearing a bra for the whole trip up till now, just her panties. We quickly got onto the bed and I was dipping my dick into her pre-juiced pussy. There wasn’t any foreplay, just long minutes of crazy fucking.

I was so sure her brains were about to explode as she cummed and cummed, experiencing orgasms after orgasms. I only brought 1 condom and did not even had the time to put it on. The sound of my sacks making slap sounds on her pussy turned me on. I was determined to make the sound louder.

As I rammed my dick deep into her, she was clutching the bedsheets so tight, and her arms were unable to support her body weight anymore. With one night to spend, destroying her was all that’s in my mind. While still in her, she turned her body around and wrapped her legs around me as I plunged my meat stick down into her.

Knowing that her pussy have a void feeling whenever she climaxed, she would keep me still inside her when she does. Her vagina walls would sucked me in and run a massage throughout my shaft, like in a pit hole of pleasure. Everytime she did that, I have to start again slow for if I went any faster, my soldiers will be unleashed.

‘Can you shoot inside? I want to see how it feels’, I was feeling hornier than ever. I hastened my pumping until she stopped me suddenly. She got on top of me and I was at her mercy.

She bounced herself non-stop and each time, she would go higher, making the impact of the penetration harder and making sure the tip of my penis hit her deepest point.

As she orgasmed, her pussy walls squeezed tight around me, she did something while she got really tight. She went on humping and the suction with the pressure from her pink slit opening made me blow my load. She continued while I struggled with the then super sensitive dick.

She gave a grin when I was almost dead and got under the blanket with me. She hugged me and fell asleep soon enough. Since it’s a creampie shot, there wasn’t anything to clean up. I went to bed with her, and soon enough, the long night appeared so short to me. Dawn was breaking.

Part 1 | Part 2

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