Morning Sex

Part 1 | Part 2

I woke up to see my little brother standing from under the blanket. Pamela was still sleeping and snoring a little. I went under the blanket and the light from the sun was helping through the blankets.

I was soon at her legs and she was already open for business. I opened her legs wider and stuck out my tongue, teasing her clit in short and quick pulses. Guessed that she will be awake by then, her legs raised up so I would have easier access. I continued licking and sucking her clit, savouring her every drop of morning goodness.

As her chest raised and lowered, I moved my hands across her stomach and massaged the soft cold buns. I made sure her body was warmed up before pausing for a moment to cap myself. Sliding the blanket across her body, I covered her eyes so that the senses will be more focused. I knelt before her spread legs and slid my renewed meat inside her.

Slurping sounds were loud, she was even wetter than last night. I took my time as the check out time was 1pm. Taking it as slow as possible, my dick was already at spurting point. I didn’t want to be crazily fucking, it was an enjoyment to see her wanting to cum so badly. As the 10am alarm went off on my mobile, I went faster but shallower.

Soon, I took off the rubber and went insider her for a while before releasing it onto outside her pussy and stomach. Her hand reached down for me to use as a tissue wipe and I used her fingers so squeeze out whatever was remaining.

Showered and checked out. We’re still free enough to take a stroll around the island before making our way back to Singapore for a dinner.

‘I can still feel your sperms inside me, I think I’m addicted to it.’ I was immediately feeling better that she was still so out looking, despite whatever consequences it might bring. In reply, I told her, ‘i think I’m addicted too. Let’s do it again the next time we meet.’

We’re meeting tomorrow after work. =)

Part 1 | Part 2

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