Where’s My Fries?

Shirley was kidding when she asked for her fries. There wasn’t any left. I went to the toilet to wash up after lunch and she was right behind. I was about to enter the gents when she stopped me.

‘Eh, use the executive toilet lah. Nah.. the keys’, her hand reached out and passed me. ‘You also going toilet right? Go together lah’, I said jokingly. She went and pushed me while mumbling, ‘go go’.

Once inside, we entered a cubicle and exchanged pecks and kisses. Wasting no time, I unbuttoned her top and massaged her breasts. Without any instructions, she undid her jeans and mine. Lifting one of her legs onto the toilet bowl, I stuck my dick into her and banged her, shaking the cubicle walls without regard.

She cummed hard and hugged me tightly, I was already at the verge from the speed and excitement of having sex so close to the office. Within 10 minutes, her juice were flowing down her thighs and I was all ready to unload.

I quickly pulled it out of her and used her hand to jerk myself off onto her panties. My cum was overflowing onto her jeans, it was more than what her cotton panties can absorb and hold. I pulled her panties up for her and she put back on her jeans. I was doing the same too.

We walked back into the office as though nothing had happened. My phone received a sms as I began work. It’s from Shirley, ‘why you so notti shoot at my panties? I’m so horny now. How to work sia?’ I didn’t reply, my mind was already tired from the food and the exercise.

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