Welcome Home

My sister was sitting on the sofa with her sexy short nightdress, her hand holding a can of beer. Looking at her flushed face, I know what would happen. Quickly I went to my room without looking at her. I was unpacking my bag when suddenly a whiff of beer smell came strong and my door flew open.

I turned around and pushed her out to the living room sofa. As she fell from my push, she pulled me along and the man’s instinct took over. I kissed her like a lover and my hands were roaming all over her beautiful body. As usual parents won’t be home till morning.

Our clothes were gone in a flash and our private parts are rubbing against each others’. She sat on the sofa while I half-knelt on the tiled floor and stuck my dick into her gushing pussy. I went crazy fucking my sister’s tight pussy. My phone rang suddenly and my sister got hold of it, she reads, ‘Pam Baby.. she must be your girlfriend. Pick it up.’ And pushed the dial button to accept the call.

Pam: ‘what are you doing now? How come you’re breathing so hard?’

Me: ‘uhh.. I’m actually masturbating now. That’s why lo.’

Pam: ‘Eee.. who are you thinking of? Which girl?’

Me: ‘You lah, I want to fuck you so badly on the sofa, while the tv is on, with both of us heaving and puffing.’

All these while, my hips are still bumping my sister’s. While describing the details of what I’m doing to my sister as though I’m doing Pam, my dick suddenly went ready and shot with full force.

‘I’m cumming!’ saying to both my sister and Pam. I shot my load on my sister’s face and she sucked it dry. I pulled up my pants and went straight into the shower, to find that my sister wants to shower with me.

On the other end of the line, I could hear Pamela breathing and moaning. Quietly, I asked her to put the phone down and masturbate to her pussy’s content. My sister went to sleep in my bed in the bath towel. I cuddled her to bed. =P

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