Gwendlyn and I met at a Paya Lebar bus stop to change a pair of sunglasses I wrongly sent her. She was a pretty girl, long flowing chest length hair. Dressed in a babydoll dress and jeans, fucking her was the last thing on any guys’ mind – she’s too decent to even have these thoughts at her.

We did our exchange and I walked her to her church where she’s going to help prepare for a Sabbath (I’m not really sure what’s that, so don’t shoot me k?). When we arrived, the gates were unusually closed, thinking that she still had some time on her hand, we went to a nearby HDB flats and waited at the void deck.

As we talked about everything under the sun, my eyes were running all over her cleveage. Her dress was low-cut and the black strapless bra she was wearing was making me think a little dirty. ‘Are you listening to me?’, she pulled up her bra as she spoke in a harsh tone. ‘Uhh.. sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you’.

Me: ‘I’m listening.. and I have to say.. you’re really pretty and tempting luh. Sorry sorry, shouldn’t have these thoughts.’ Hoping she wouldn’t run away.

G: ‘Its okay luh, most guys would be fucking me in their minds, and will never be as direct as you. At least I know what you’re thinking’, her statement was followed with the sweetest smile I’ve seen. ‘You wanna go somewhere quieter?’

The void deck was pretty empty, save for a cat meowing nearby. I agreed and we went to the highest floor, I prepared to seat on the stairs. She went to the only unit and stood at the door, searched her bag for something. I was quite lost then, a little afraid too.

She pulled out a bunch of keys and opened the gates and door. It was her old house, and unoccupid. Her family still owned the house then, just not selling. She took off her top and went to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. I wasn’t that prepared then, she came over to me and pulled my shirt off.

It was her call, but I was getting suspicious about the way things are going. ‘Wait wait, stop. Why are you doing? I mean.. you don’t even know me well.’ I asked her. ‘Huh? I thought what all guys wanted was sex?’, she said with a puzzled look on her face.

Me: ‘Sorry, I’m not the guy you’re expecting then. Please get dressed. Sorry to disappointed you.’ I was pretty sure things that good doesn’t come so easy.

G: ‘Wait wait! Don’t leave first, I’ll be right with you after I put back on my clothes.’ She was serious then. And of course, I waited for her.

Sitting on the sofa, it was already five minutes pass 7.30pm.

G: ‘Sorry, it was just a test. I’d take off those horny bastards’ top to see if they’re that desperate. I was disappointed that even the guy I liked failed the test. You’re different.’

Me: ‘I’m the same as the rest. I was horny too. What you did made me lose respect for you.’

With Gwen tearing in her eyes, ‘i didn’t know what to do. It was like the safest way to test any guy if they wanted to do with someone they love or just any girls who wants to be fucked. I just wanted to be sure.’

I know she was right, guys would love to fuck any girls with needs. I hugged her and told her while looking into her eyes, ‘I’m a little different. Just a little different. I know guys. And you’re not wrong to do whatever you’ve done. *breathes* Promise me never to do this again.’

She nodded and I held her tear-dried face in front of me. I kissed her forcefully and she breathed deep through her nose. As things get heated up, we loosened the buckles of our jeans and went further. ‘Do you want to do this? I’m okay if you don’t want.’ I had to reassure my stand before going on.

Her hand running along my hard on was the answer. I pulled up her dress above her bra and tugged them away as well. Sucking on them real hard, she was damn high. Moans can be clearly heard throughout the empty house. My hands were already struggling to get into her panties. She was only in charge of getting horny and wet.

After 15 minutes of pussy rubbing and tongue fighting, she was going weak all over. I slowed down due to my tiredness and had to sit beside her to rest. With one of my hands still in her jeans, she leaned over and took out my dick with one of her hands too. She was warming herself up with my hot rod.

As she stroked me, my fingers kept her high. She suddenly brought her head down to my penis and took a few breaths before taking it like a hot dog – just inedible. Her mouth was wide, she could go very deep and still not gag. I was totally immersed in her sucking.

With seconds close to cumming, I warned her and she used her hands to launch the proteins into the air. Everything all over. My cum was caught on her hands, my stomach, balls, and she was still jerking. She took a couple of drops of my cum and smiled after tasting. She went down again and gave my little brother CPR, but was sucking instead of blowing air. She cleaned me up nicely and got dressed quickly.

She was late, and I’m tired and horny. We left for home and was smsing and MSNing the whole night. I was with Pamela then, and Gwen was asking me to be her boyfriend. She wanted and was willing to wait for me. I am in blissful confusion. But nothing to worry about.

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