Cyber Fun

A MSN notification popped up at 1am. It was Pamela. It was an invitation to view her webcam, and she wanted to see my cam too. She was in her bra and as usual, me in my shorts. ‘Im horny, help me leh.’ A message I received as my webcam connected.

Turning the laptop screen lower, I showed her my hard on. She knows that I don’t masturbate through the web, but I still took my shorts off after locking the room door. She slid her bra strap off and I was already stroking myself. She took her bra off and positioned her external webcam at her panties while spreading her legs on her bed.

She began rubbing herself and she was getting so wet through her undies. As her legs shivered, I knew she wanted more. I took the Tenga egg from my shower and put some lub into it. She disappeared for a while before appearing again with a glow stick. Rolling a condom over it, she activated the light stick and a light from her cell phone was aimed at her pussy.

Slowly, her hole took the light stick in and I resumed my masturbation with the Tenga. I was getting all heated up and had to stop often to prevent shooting. The light stick was going in and out, getting faster and faster at Pam’s pace. The appearance and disappearance of the light was very arousing, how I wish I was with her.

After 10 minutes, she paused for a moment and I see a patch of wetness gathering on her bedsheets. She resumed masturbating and was given the ‘go’ to unload on my hand. I put away the warmed (from my stroking) Tenga and used my hand.

I called her and she was listening to my moans while watching me on the cam. Finally, the load arrived and I forced everything out onto my palm. She came into her hand 3 seconds after I unloaded and she showed me the glister on her fingers before falling back onto the bed.

Gently rubbing her sore pussy, she fell asleep after a few minutes. Her cam was still on then. I watched her till I was too tired and went to bed. The next morning, I checked her cam again and she was still asleep in a sexy position, body tilting to one side while both her legs was squishing her teen pussy.

At the night of the new day, she sent me a video of the cybersex we did. It seems that the light from her phone was because of video recording that was going on. The video is still in my com, probably the best visual aid for DIY masturbation.

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