Shall Sleep In

‘Huh? So early?’ I mumbled as I felt a hand stroking my semi-awake little brother. My sister had snuck into my bed in the middle of the night. Her sleepy hand ran up and down my shaft, squeezing me harder so I won’t cum so soon. Her other hand was in her panties fingering herself. Soft slurping sounds from her masturbation is the alarm for a rainy Saturday morning.

I pulled her hand away and got out of bed. Her eyes were wide open looking if I got mad being awakened by her. I went around to her end of the bed (where her feet were) and took off my shorts before crawling under the blankets.

A glee could be hear as she took off her undies opened her legs wide for me. I worked my tongue on her wet clit, alternating between sucking and teasing, all with my mouth. ‘This is why I like you’, she said as I continue with the cunnilingus. After I was sure she’s all ready, I pushed away the mutli-layer blanket and positioned myself for a deep penetration.

I plunged my hard dick into her tight pussy. She was wrapping around me so well that I could feel the countdown to my limit. I didn’t intend to last any longer than what my body would usually do. As the whole bed creaked from our hump, she was really high from the few orgasms that were running through her.

As I feel the limit nearing, I waddled on my knees towards her mouth and she took it whole without any hesitation. ‘I wahhnt urhh thoo phas’, she was sucking my meat like a toothbrush. ‘Toothpaste coming!’, my cum went right into her mouth and she was really naughty.

She made a gargle and down her throat the morning protein went.

‘Back to sleep..’ I went to her side and hid under the blanket. ‘Me too!’, and under the same blanket she went. My bed is already too small for me. =(

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