Knock Knock

The doorbell was ringing non-stop at 1am. I knew it was my sis, drinking late into the night, had forgotten the keys. I took my time and strolled to the door and opened it for her. She fell into my arms as she was supporting herself, leaning on the door when it opened.

I pulled her in and she sat with her legs sideways on the floor, after she took her heels off, she stood up and turned her back towards me. It was obvious what she wanted. I pulled her lacy panties down and I released my shorts as well.

Pulling up her dress, I pounded her wet cunt non-stop. She was already wet while she was outside the door. The moans went unheard and her juice was literally dripping on the floor. Her pussy suddenly tightened and she fell unconscious.

Not really satisfied, I helped her to my bed and unbuttoned her dress. My naughty sister was wearing a matching lacy black bra as well. I got into the bed after undoing her clothes and sucked hard on her nipples, determined to wake her up.

‘Quick, I want you inside me.’ She said in a grouchy voice. I pulled her legs apart and plunged right into her. I was feeling a little guilty taking advantage of my drunk sister. Imagine my parents walking in on me now.

Suddenly, a daring thought came into my mind. I took a bottle of lubricant from one of the drawers under my computer desk and spread a whole lot on my dick and her asshole. Raising her hips with the booster, I inched my way into her virgin asshole.

She screamed as I went in halfway of my dick. ‘Ahhh.. very pain!’ I quickly took one of her hands and placed it on her pussy, rubbing it seems like a natural reflex to her. Slowly, she fell into sleep again and I continued exploring the unknowns.

This time, I was gaining speed at her ass and her fingers were still moving on her clit. Because her ass was virgin, it would be tight too. She woke up and moaned just as I went full speed. She was receiving all these orgasms that she didn’t experience before.

Unable to last very long in the tight new hole, I released all my sperms into her. And pulled it out quickly. She went back to sleep almost immediately and I returned to the bed after cleaning my little brother.

Now, I feel as though I am drunk from the smell of alcohol. Goodnight.

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