Pamela and I went to the swimming complex at Ang Mo Kio. It was 11am on a weekday, that’s why there weren’t anyone around. It was the usual pool that I went for close to 2 years, knew most of the lifeguards there as well. The only two lifeguards greeted me and resumed their coffee in the lifeguard room.

Pam and I took off our clothes and we went straight into the pool after rinsing our bodies. She was wearing a one piece bareback swimming trunk. What else could guys wear than the usual few kinds? We swam for a few laps and soon enough, were resting at the far end of the pool.

Seeing that there wasn’t anyone else around, we gave each other a few pecks and my hand swam around her, diving through the bareback and into her pussy. The water was making everything easier. She was just there gripping tightly on my arm while I got her off. Fingering her lovely hole, while the water went in and out of her, washing the insides.

She was a fast learner, her hand went into my trunks to fix the raging hard on I’m having. Stroking it up and down, cumming in the pool was the last thing I want to do. Her naughty hands were going fast and slow and in so many indescribable ways jerking me.

I ended our stage one of fun when I felt it coming. We swam with our raging hormones to the other end of the pool and exited, with her following me right behind, into the male changing room.

We quickly settled in one of the cubicles and stripped for ‘shower’. The cold water ran over our hot bodies as we caressed each other, kissing all over. She knelt on my slippers and gave me one of the most wonderful blowjob ever, so quick and satisfying. Her tongue was swirling round and round over my mushroom, and she loves sucking hard on my pee hole, knowing how I’d react to her skills.

After 4 minutes of receiving her unbearable blowjob, I helped her up and turned her around to face the wall. My hands were around her, one massaging her soft suple breasts and the other, plugging her wet hole. Not wanting to waste this opportunity to make this memorable, I went out to get her mobile phone and hung the strap on the hook which was on the shower door.

‘Live action’ was being filmed. Her hips slowly went higher and her body lowered. Taking my manhood between her legs, she stuffed it right into her pussy. I humped away and had to turn on the shower constantly to drown her moans. Suddenly, the water had a tint of red in it and she bent up, whispering loudly, ‘I’m having my period’. It was a relieve that the blood only came now and not in the pool.

I hammered away and she, stopped me after about 8 minutes of my balls-to-pussy slapping. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave herself a little jump, support herself on me.

I quickly slid my stick into her meat slit and bounced. She was also quick to give up and we were fucking while standing. In less than 5 minutes, her tight hole was squimming and I had to unleash the white warriors into her.

After she recovered from the final climax, she squatted on the floor and fingered herself, cleaning the mess thoroughly. The sight of sperms mixed with blood doesn’t seem so bad with the running water. After cleaning up, we left the place for lunch. My mind was on the video we produced in the showers. It had probably slipped her mind then. We finished lunch and sent her to my house to catch a quick nap. =)

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