Dose of Pleasure

Her skirt was so short that I bet people can see what’s underneath just by bending down a little. Pam is still dancing, thus explaining her seductive hour glass figure despite being 19.

Her outfit today of a tight t-shirt and (really) short denim skirt was her favourite style. Pure sexual temptation. Short dresses and mini-skirts, there’s probably nothing else she doesn’t dare to wear.

Today, she wore a sexy red thongs underneath the skirt with a matching bra that showed how full her breasts were through the, almost translucent, fading white tee.

The whole day was spent shopping and both of us were mentally drained, taking measures not to let her ‘zao geng’ at all times. And it was close to 10pm when we had to go.

Before we even reached her unit, foreplay already started at her lift. We were hugging each other tightly, necking all over and hands in each others’ undies. The short walk to her unit was unbearable for both my raging hard on, and her dripping pussy.

The door slammed behind us and foreplay was over. She pressed me against the door and glided her hands down my top, and stopped at my belt. Unleashing me was easier this time, since she was pretty familiar with my clothes. The buckle gave way without a hitch and my jeans was quick to be at my ankles.

She pulled of her top and undid the halter bra she wore. Kneeling on my feet, her mouth enveloped my meat eagerly. I could tell that torture was on her mind as she sucked me hard, and went deep like never before. The feeling was as though my dick was going to explode anytime. My hands was already on her breasts, massaging and fondling with her nipples, hoping she would slow down and relax on her blow.

Not intending to let me shoot like that, she got up and placed one leg on the arm rest of the sofa beside the door. Leaning towards my body, her left hand went between our bodies, below her pussy and guided my meat into the love hole, pushing her thongs to one side.

As her semi-wet pussy was slammed continuously, it became a series of tsunami waves, wetting my legs as the hammering goes on. Obviously, the pounding and sensation of sex standing up was too much for her, her manicured nails dug into my back but.. luckily, all my senses were with my little brother then.

Somehow, my climax wasn’t coming and I went on giving the penetration in doggy, on the sofa. After close to 15 minutes non-stop, her body was going all weak and close to collapsing. Turning her body around, she took a break while I went hyper speed in missionary, determined to unload everything I have.

Her eyes shut tightly as another orgasm came and the tightness below pulled my trigger, firing off as I pulled my dick halfway out. Her legs took care of the rest by pushing me back into her and emptied half of it in her.

She went weak and I carried her onto her bed. She asked me to sleep with her. I did. =) and surprised her parents.

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