Get Dirty

We were in the cinema, watching advertisements before the show starts. There wasn’t anyone else around save for a couple in front of us. We slid lower on our chairs and went for an arousing tongue fight, passing her sweet saliva to me.

She then stopped and got a blob of salivaon her palm and pointed to the bulge in my pants. Undoing my belt quietly, I undid the buttons and zip. She went into my shorts as carefully as possible so as not to spill whatever is in her hand.

Gently tilting her hand, the improvised lubricant covered most of my shaft enough for her massage. Up and down her hand went, gripping the stick with a force that I liked best. The movie was made dirty with us playing in front of the screens.

Not wanting to be the only one enjoying, I placed my palm on her stomach and went across her belly, wriggling my fingers into her shorts. Turns out she wasn’t wearing any panties, and that is why she was so turned on in the cinema. I dug into her pleasure hole squimming with her juice.

She was speeding up as I were. At one point in time, my finger stayed in her and I slid around, exploring her. I found one spot, and rubbed it till she moaned instinctively. My finger went on throughout the music, and so did her stroking.

A sudden squeeze on my finger inside her signalled an orgasm to me, and my own climax is coming too. Her hand went faster on me throughout her orgasm. Without informing her, I shot my load into her hand and she held as much as she could in her hand.

She pulled her cum-covered hand and put it in her panties to use it as an oinment for her numbed pussy. I done up my pants and slid my hand back into her pants and got her off for the rest of the one hour of the movie.

The sight of her wobbly walking after the show was quite funny, but oh well, I did the usual of sending her home. =)

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