I received a call from Peiling, and a conversation about patching came about. We decided to meet up after my work ends at 7pm, at her place.

When I reached her house, she invited me in and brought me around for an orientation. We stopped at her room and she pushed me onto her bed, kissing me in a way she had never done. Her mouth was all over me. She climbed on board my hips and pinned me down while she pulled her top away, revealing her ‘da bao’ (big bun) shaped breasts.

She fell on me in a push-up position, with her nipples right at my mouth. Without a second thought, I suckle on them and licked and teased with my tongue. ‘You got bring the vibrator?’ She asked and I replied with a nod. Pulling the pinky blindly from my bag, she took off my top and licked my nipples quite as fiercely as I did to hers.

I slid the vibrator into her PE shorts and she lay beside me, ready for me to get on top. Recollections of our ‘fun’ came back and I did as expected. I positioned my bulge on hers (with the vibrator in her panties) and pushed as deep as I could.

‘You ready?’ And she gave her ‘go’ by hugging me tight. I switched the vibrator to the max and her moans started sounding non-stop. I stayed in the position for as long as she wanted. After 20 minutes of her being in a trance, she had enough and asked me to lay beside her.

She turned to one side and I did the same, plus my hand running into her shorts. Her pussy was as hairy, and wet. She was still very sensitive and I masturbated her by rubbing on her slit repeatedly, sliding my middle finger deeper whenever she had an orgasm.

After a few more minutes of play, I turned back and closed my eyes to rest. She turned to my side and slid her hand into my pants. I unbuckled my belt and loosened my pants without opening her eyes. Her familiar handjob once again made me happy and she didn’t say anything, only to know not to stop as I gave slight moans.

As I felt the load coming, I asked her where she wanted it and she simply used her mouth to cover my dick, sucking the pee hole and stroking me to an intense climax, shooting all of my load into her mouth. She went to the toilet to clean up and got back into bed with me.

We cuddled for a while before I had to leave. ‘Thank you’, she said, it was the most heart-warming thing to hear from her in a long time.

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