On the Bed

Pamela was wearing a skirt made from a cloth so thin you could make out the contours of her ass and possibly the colour of her panties.

We went out earlier in the day to get new lingerie for her and later to her house for dinner. She was lying on the bed, like a tempting plate of sashimi. Wearing a spaghetti white almost-see-through top, and the slutty skirt, I’m all ready to feast.

My hand run up her smooth legs, in between her thighs and onto her white undies. A jolt made her quiver and my hand got to work, running the tip of my fingers along her pussy slit. My hard on was made a little bearable by removing my jeans and shorts.

Turning my body towards her, my little bro was enjoying the texture of her legs. I proceeded to rub her clit through the cotton and her moans were getting louder. Up to her tummy, I then slid my fingers in and the extra stimulation from the direct contact made her breath real deep and hard.

She could not take anymore of the teasing and took off her panties and spread her legs wide. My rubbing got faster and her first orgasm of the day was an intense one. Her body shook uncontrollably and juices were spraying like a spoilt sprinkler.

Without further delay, she recovered soon enough and stroked me so gently that my mind was telling me to give it to her. Her head disappeared from my field of view and the following wetness around my little bro made me totally relaxed. She took her time and licked my stick all over before taking it into her mouth for the hardening process. My meat went in and out of her mouth for as long as I could remember.

After about a long five minutes, she lie beside me and asked, ‘You do the work today can? I’m a little tired.’

I nodded my head with a smile and climbed on top of her. Pushing her legs apart with my knee, I slipped my meat stick into the pink cave and pounded hard. Her fingers wrapped around my back and clenched me tightly. My dick was going into firing mode as the tightness came wave after wave. Her orgasms were also coming non-stop, there wasn’t any need to change position seeing how much she was enjoying.

She climaxed another time and finally, her body went weak, her eyes semi-open and her moans soften. I continued pumping her meat slit and she gave all the strength she had for the next orgasm to squeeze me so hard, I pulled it out as I felt my muscles twitch, only to be thwarted by her legs which wrapped around me to push me back inside.

The final push into her triggered and my pipe unloaded all the proteins into her. My body collapsed and I sat blankly on the bed, watching the creampie overflow onto her bedsheets. She lie there motionless, with a contented expression on her face.

We got ourselves cleaned up and slept till her mum were home and made dinner. Pam wore my shirt, and ate dinner in the white cotton undies we played in earlier.

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