Crazy Pam

Pam and I met at Ion, she wore a t-shirt and jeans. When we met, she kissed me and whispered into my ears, ‘I have a wireless vibrator inside me.’ And she handed me a familiar remote I once used on Peiling.

My hard on was instantaneous, thoughts of her having orgasms in the mall turns me on. We walked around for a dress for her wardrobe and she got herself a long boyfriend shirt to try on instead. She went to try it on in the changing room while I waited outside.

After she entered, I turned the vibrator on and she was giving me soft moans. A minute later, she called me and asked if there was anyone outside, the answer was no. Her room door swung open and she pulled me in. The shirt buttons were not done and the sight of her black bra and bulging panties made me start stripping as well. The buzzing sound of the vibrator was still going and she was squeezing her breasts.

I was down to my bathing suit and she pulled the vibrator out of her panties. A patch of watermark formed immediately on her panties and she took it off to ease our actions. I sat on the carpeted floor, ready for her to mount on. She sat over my legs and slowly lowered her hips, the juice dripping from her hole made foreplay secondary and my meat stick was soon in her meat hole.

The ride was quiet, and controlled. We didn’t really want to be banging the cubicle walls. After about 3 minutes of the crazy fast ride, we figured it would be too risky to take up anymore time.

The cum call came and I tried to lift her up, instead of helping me, she got her knees to a squatting position and bounced even faster. Being at my limit, I uncontrollably released my load into her. She came at the same time and the her juice were so much that it covered my balls.

We got up and she got dressed quickly, of course, I placed the wireless vibrator back into her to prevent my cum from coming out of her pussy and ‘dirty’ her undies. The walk to the cashier was an embarrassing one, we got out as soon as we could.

The rest of the day was dedicated to her moans and orgasms, my favourite being the bus ride. There wasn’t any seat, so we had to stand throughout, guess who’s more tired at the end?

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