Pamela was my childhood love. Well, not really childhood since it was secondary school when we liked each other. The irony was that we didn’t confess our feelings and it has been 3 years since we contacted for real. Poly holidays are here and we met for a photoshoot that was planned some time ago.

We met at AMK mrt as we both lived near and went to Shangri-La hotel for high tea. The good ole times were somehow back as we recollect our feelings. After the food, we went to Chijmes and started taking photos. She was really pretty then, the reason I didn’t tell her how I felt towards her was because she was a girl I feel was too good to be stucked with someone like me.

‘Ehh.. you dare to take sexy photos or not? Like those seductive and suggestive type. Cause I’m looking for someone who is open to do that. I’m just asking you lah. You can say no if you don’t like the idea. Don’t even consider.’ I asked her since she’s really cute and had a nice petite build. It would be any guys’ dream to own photos like that.

‘Huh? You mean take the photos here (referring to Chijmes) ah?’, she replied with a willing look but it felt like she’s agreeing because she liked me before.

‘No lah. We’ll go to a hotel to do those pictures. And if you don’t mind I’ll take some random photos of you in your clothes you’re wearing now lo. You don’t worry leh, I won’t take face shots de. So.. how?’ I really hoped for an answer that would make me a happy man.

She nodded and we took off for Balestier Road. There was quite a few hotels that handles transit. I’ve been there with my ex afterall. We checked into one of the many hotels there and went straight to prepare for the photos. She was quite pai seh and lost. So am I. My camera was already prepared and she hopped onto the bed waiting for instructions.

The camera fired away as she peeled her clothes off piece by piece till she was in her underwear. Finally, she wrapped a blanket around herself and took her bra off. She was shy, but inside, she wanted me to take pretty photos of her. I began taking the shots without capturing her face.

I took the last photo of her spreading her legs lying down. There was still an hour to go and the tv was on. I went under the blanket with her, still, naked body. As she stay focused on the screen, I creeped behind her and whispered, ‘i take off my jeans okay? Very tight leh.’

She said softly, ‘dont know’ and kept on watching. I slipped my jeans off under the blanket and popped my head in front of her, slowly bringing my head towards her. We kissed and fell onto the bed, with our hands caressing each others’ body, feeling her small, soft, clean shaven womanhood. She was getting all ready and heated by my hardening rod.

As my body pressed onto hers, she opened her legs and my dick was rubbing under her pussy. Without further ado, I continued rubbing her with my meat and she was having the wildest orgasms. Never before she allowed any guys to come this close to physical contact.

My dick was soon so aroused and wet with her cum. We lay on the bed tired while she continued stroking me. For a surprise, she flipped open the blanket and went down on me. With her cute lips wrapped around my meat, she only asked me to close my eyes and relax. Her blowjob was very sensual, slow and no sense of hurry at all.

I felt her lips leave me and a soft flesh on my hard dick. It was her pussy lips, right in front of me, she was grinding her pussy along the shaft. It was a pleasant sight to behold. She was liking it a lot. As she continued her movement back and forth, with my dick between my stomach and her pussy, I was close to my limit.

After I gave her the signal, she went down again and took the juice-covered stick into her mouth. At the same time, I unloaded everything into her. A gentle suck and all the proteins were out and into her mouth.

She sat in front of me and pushed the sperms out of her mouth and let them flowed down her breasts, down her navel and between her pussy. Of course, how could I miss taking a picture of it.

We went into the showers and cleaned each other up and got dressed. We left the hotel and went home. Hmm.. let’s hope we’ll see each other for another round of photo’shoot’ again.

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