Her Place to Rest

Part 1 | Part 2

After buying the clothes, I went to her place since there wasn’t anyone at home. We went to her room and she took off everything and pulled me to her bed. I was surprised and a little tired, but my little brother was already charged up.

She turned me on my back and tugged my pants down, starting with a sensual blowjob she claimed she learnt for her ex who didn’t stayed long enough with her. It was simply mind blowing to see her licking all over my shaft, with her saliva covering every part and still having excess dripping from my balls.

After that, she took off her shorts and top, revealing her small breasts to me for the first time. She climbed on top of me and slid back, letting my dick penetrate into her without any assistance. After a few attempts, we finally got it and were fucking non-stop. She rode me and I pumped her, we were so engrossed with trying new positions.

Suddenly, she heard her sister’s door open. Her moans quickly ended and we paused looking at the direction of her sister’s room. She walked across the door, looked at us and approached. She stood at the door and said, ‘Joy, can you keep your volume down?’ And slammed the door shut.

Joyce was still in shock, but she pulled our body together and rocked as we were in a seated position while inside each other. We kept going for about 20 minutes. Her bedsheet was quite damp from her juice and our sweat. But I was still far from cumming. The first session had drained much energy from my dick.

She went back to cowgirl and sat motionless while focusing on moving her pussy muscles, as I felt her walls closing in on me, she bounced up and down on the tightest pussy I ever came across. She was using muscle control to make me go crazy. Without any time to say anything, I shouted ‘shooting!’ And she went faster, milking for my every drop.

She fell on my body tired and heaving. We rested till about 5pm. Fearing her parents might catch us, we got dressed and went out to J8. She’s a little worried about getting pregnant, but was happy that I convinced her (on bed) to make me her boyfriend.

We went for dinner and a late night movie before sending her home. Well, she sent me a sms after I left for home. ‘I like the warm feeling of your cum in me. Let’s meet tomorrow again. =P’

Part 1 | Part 2

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