CNY Shopping

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In the end, only the two of us went to orchard to buy clothes. There was only one staff at work and since we’re the only ones in the store, we told him we would be fine on our own until we needed help. So he went back to his laptop and continued with what he was doing.

I took a few clothes she said looked nice and went into the wide changing room. She went and picked a few pieces for herself. ‘Hey Joyce, I need one size bigger for my pants!’, I screamed out to her. So her footsteps went soft and returned outside my cubicle. Opening the door slightly, she handed me my pants, it was quite impulsive but the question still shot out of my mouth, ‘you want to come in and try your clothes?’

She gave it some thought, and pushed through the door and joined me. I took off my pants and tried on the bigger one while she pulled her shirt and jeans off. Slipping on a bright orange mini dress at thigh length, the material was just a little away from transparent. I placed my hands on the wall behind her and looked her direct in the eyes. She closed her eyes and gave me a ‘go’ expression, bringing my lips close to hers, we kissed. It was a kiss that felt like we had been hiding our feeling for the longest time while with our ex.

The kissing went to frenching and my little brother is in attention. My hands went to her waist and under. Slowly gliding up her slim waist, my fingers were soon at work on her tiny nipples. Her lips were pressing harder on mine to suppress her moans. In a sudden, we heard footsteps and the shoes of the staff appeared from the vent below the door. He could probably guess what a couple was doing, so he left us alone.

I lifted her dress and she placed one of her legs on the cushion stool. My hand went between and rubbed her a little before pushing her panties  to one side, slipping my fingers into her tight hole. She was already soaking wet and her pussy was twitching from the teasing. She took my dick out from my unbuckled pants and gave it a stroke or two before pulling it towards her little sister.

Little sister meets little brother. Holding my dick in one hand and using me as a support with her other hand, she guided my meat into hers. With a gentle stroke, my raw dick rubbed against her vagina walls, peeled the foreskin back, exposing my sensitive head to her moist and warmth. Trying my best not to hurt her tight pussy, I moved in and out of her slowly.

Her body was responding with weak twitches and her hips moving in sync of the in out motion. Our lips were no longer together but our heads were on each other shoulders, hugging tight and breathing hastily. With the excitement of being discovered and keeping quiet, she came a number of times while I tried to hold it in.

‘I’m shooting le’, I whispered into her ears. She pushed my hips away and went down on her knees. For the first time, she saw a stick of meat other than her ex, she gasped at the size and how she was able to take it inside her. She took the head in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it.

Slowly, she pushed her head deeper down my shaft and gradually increased her speed. The sight of her little mouth sucking me was speeding the process of blowing my load.

In less than 5 minutes, I was at my limit and shot right after the second warning. She was swallowing the same time I release, being careful not to dirty the dress. After she drank some water to wash the taste away, she sucked my half-awake brother again to make sure I’m really cleaned. I was in full power again then, finally, she used her panties to dry my cock before dressing up and paying for her dress.

The staff looked at me and grinned before sending us away with our purchases.

Part 1 | Part 2

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