Jamie =)

She handed me 4 cuffs and lay on the bed, spreaded out on all fours. I got into the bed with her and did as hinted. With the four restraints on her, she couldn’t move much but she had an expression of anticipation on her face. I took a piece of scarf from her bag hanger and blind-folded her. It was made from a sheer material, so she could still see what I was doing.

I untie her bikini top and took as much of her boobs as I could in my mouth, sucking and using my tongue to tease her nipples, switching between both breasts every now and then. She loved it when I squeeze her nipples hard, and would squeal if it hurts, and she like it sore. I bit on her nipples instead of the usual pinch and her moans told me she liked it more.

My tongue run down her breast, across her chest, down her belly button. I used the tip of my fingers and run along her cameltoe, making sure to let her ask for it. After 5 minutes of teasing her wetting slit, I positioned my dick in front of her and pulled her hair towards it. She opened her mouth and took as much as I pushed my hard little brother down her throat.

She turned a little unwilling as she needed something to release her pent up pleasure. I slid back down her body and untied the knot holding her bikini bottom. Tugging it away, I went down on her overflowing pussy and licked up as much as I could get out of her. Her moans got louder and the deeper she breaths, her body struggle to get more. I could tell it was unbearable for her.

Positioning my hips below her hole, I pushed the tip in a little before pumping deep and fast. There was no indication of cumming from me, so I went as fast as I could, slapping her pussy with my balls. There was a little pain on my pelvic area since she was quite slim, her bones were hitting mine – but still bearable.

Her legs where rattling the chains of the cuffs, and her hands were dying to break free from it so she could either hug, or stop me. Tears rolled down her face and I slowed down. ‘Whats wrong dear?’, I asked. Right after my pace went down, her limbs dropped and stopped. She kind of fainted from pleasure. I went on slowly and like how she fainted, she regained conscious and I released the cuffs.

She pushed me onto the bed and climbed above me, sitting down on my hips, with her love hole sucking my dick in. She rode me like a cowgirl on a mad cow. Non-stop grinding couldn’t hold me back for long. ‘Im going to shoot le, take it out.. please.’ She ignored me and continued.

In less than 5 minutes later, her tightening pussy wrapped around my fully loaded shaft and was going up and down. I released my load in her and her drained body fell right onto me. We hugged till I stopped cumming, it felt lovely making love. It’s as though we’re married and making a baby. She got up and squatted over my stomach. She managed to squeeze quite a bit of my semen out. ‘It’s still warm in me, I can feel it’, she said while smiling.

She’s enjoying the session as well, and savouring every moment we had. We cleaned up and she assured me I wouldn’t get her pregnant. We lay in bed for a good 30 minutes before leaving for dinner. She’s a nice girl, and she knows I have this blog.

Jamie, this is for you. Sweet 16.

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