I was on bus 22, dozing off occasionally and waking up at random times to feast my eyes on young girls in cute sexy office wear.

A lady in early 20s came towards me and sat beside me. She was partially squashed by a large man sitting next to her, so her body was pretty close to mine. Long hair, highlighted blond, made up face and black long pants, showing off her slender thighs.

She was taking glances at me at the corner of her eyes, and how did I know? I was stealing looks at her too. She began typing smses like most others on board and keyed in numbers on her dial pad. She tilted her screen enough for me to see and included a line, ‘my number’ after the numbers. I whipped out my phone and took it down, saving her name as ‘bus girl’.

She replied my texts and we agreed to meet as soon as our work ended.

At 6.30pm, I texted her and she replied quickly that she was waiting for me at the bus stop we alighted, at the Print Media Hub. We met up and took the bus 22 towards Ang Mo Kio. We then dropped off at her bus stop and went to her place.

She was living alone and had cats. *meow* the cats greeted me as I entered her room. She laid on the bed and hid under the blankets, still clothed. I pounced on her and frenched her crazily. I was on top, and my knee were between her legs. Her hips were grinding themselves at the bent of my knee.

As her body warmed up, I unbuttoned her blouse and she pulled my shirt off me. She was wearing a black halter tube bra and damn, her erected nipples were showing. She yanked my jeans down and slipped her hands into my boxers, working me up with her long icy fingers.

I lifted her bra off her small suffocating breasts and sucked on them mercilessly. Her moans were echoing through her room and her movements were shaking the bed. Without waiting for more, I removed her pants and she was in black lacy stockings. Upon more exploration of her panties, I realised it was an ‘open slit’ type. Access was made easier with that.

I positioned her on fours and went behind her. Slowly guiding myself into her, she was clenching her bedsheets tightly and breathing faster, possibly trying hard to relax. Soon, hammer time came and I started my pounding. Blood started streaming down her thighs and being in shock, I stopped. I was raw, and she was bleeding.

‘I’m a virgin, sorry’, she said while sobbing. ‘Do you want me to continue?’, I asked and for a reply, I got this. She turned her head towards me, nodded and smiled. Her hips rosed and I continued going.

As I got near to cumming, she was close to fainting. I turned her around to keep her tired hands in form and plunged my blood covered dick into her in missionary position. She sobbed and smiled at me while I focused on making her go crazy with pleasure.
In six minutes, I couldn’t hold myself back anymore and pulled it out and crawled to her face. She used her hands to stroke and completed the process for firing. It was a kinky sight to see lots of my cum, mixed with her pussy juice and blood, to get onto her face, squirts after squirts. She was still in tremble but was resting then.

I took the dirty linen out and she changed into her home clothes after a quick shower. We cleaned the whole house and rested for a good 3 hours till night. Lying with her is too arousing to not have another erection. Her body and face is well maintained, and she was working as a CEO of a big company. And her high position in the office made it challenging for anyone to hit on her.

We will be meeting every now and then when we do not have anything on after work. The day ended with her sucking me off under the blanket and all I had to do was to get hard and shoot. For the convenience not having to change the sheets again, she drank my cum, falling asleep right after she sent me on my way.

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