Tender Touches

Part 1 | Part 2 Without warning, I slid my fingers between Vanilla’s which was dangling from her arms on the armrest in the theatre. Barely sixteen, her height of 162cm and long flowing hair up to her waist was her main attraction. But the best part had yet to come, a sense of shyness […]

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Marianna and I arranged to meet after a long time since we graduated from NYP. Since she stayed in Tampines, and I had no plans for the day, I went over and met her. Not before she changed the venue to Pasir Ris’ eHub at the last minute. Me: ‘Woah Anna. So long never see […]

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Movie or Not?

It was a usual Sunday and having no plans, Carine agreed to go out with 2 of her guy friends for a movie. Since it was a screening at a nearby mall, she chose to wear a skirt short enough to just cover her toned butt, and a jacket, leaving its zip low enough to […]

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