Tender Touches

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Without warning, I slid my fingers between Vanilla’s which was dangling from her arms on the armrest in the theatre. Barely sixteen, her height of 162cm and long flowing hair up to her waist was her main attraction. But the best part had yet to come, a sense of shyness and ‘confused’ personality would made her likeable by many. Unlike most girls who had many relationships by her age, the only guy whom she had loved turned out to be just using her love to satisfy his measly desires.

We had met to know each other before starting with her photoshoots of kinky themes. Well, things were much dangerous since she was under 18 years of age and I had to balance decency, with sexiness. Those poses weren’t hard to direct as she had done modelling before and the occurrence of upskirts or low cut dresses were common. ‘That’s what guys like to see right?’ Once, she asked. What more could she not do? Haha.

My hands didn’t just stayed holding hers, and moved onto her lap. Vanilla was wearing this short mini dress yet being so brave and nonchalant about her upskirt being seen. As my fingers twirled on her thighs, the female friend whom she brought along was trying hard to ignore her peripheral vision. Skiing my fingers up her soft legs, her sweater came off her shoulders and went onto her hemline, covering the little touches I made.

Going between her legs, I quickly made a pass of the tiny bullet toy from my free hand, turning it on while pressing on her clit area over her panties. Somehow, the extended manicured nails digging into my arm felt kinky and translated as a hint to keep going. The movie ended with her looking shyly everywhere and me having a good time feeling how wet she got.

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The three of us walked around Ang Mo Kio before Vanilla and I decided to go to my favourite spot at a carpark around Novena, which was after sending her friend on her way home. As she waves goodbye from the bus windows, our fingers interlocked and we took the quickest transport to our destination.

Once the area was cleared of people and security guards, I took out my camera and bent her over the railing, shooting the little girl’s perfect ass with a cute lacy brief. Her dress required no lifting to expose her underwear, imagine her just bending over to show enough everything. Slowly, she pulled one of her shoulder straps off and let her dress drop onto the tiled flooring.

Standing proudly just in a tube top and the panties, Vanilla ordered me to turn around and as she was done, I turned and she wore a cute boyshorts on, one decent enough to be walking around in.

Vanilla: ‘It won’t seem so obvious even if people walked in suddenly right?’

I nodded and leaned over to her, planting a light but firm kiss on her lips. Her hands held my waist tightly but I knew she definitely needed more support for what was about to come. Bringing her to a wall, I made sure she had something to lean against if her body gone weak, which would definitely happen.

Following our contained lusty French kissing, I had lowered her tube a little and feasted on her tiny nipples, making her moan on her own (she only moaned for her ex simply because he liked it). And as my tongue got quicker and sucking got stronger, her hugging of my head on her nipples got tighter too. Wasn’t this a good time to be using that toy she liked?

Frantically working my mouth and hands, I managed to take the vibrator out and it went on her shorts again, driving her wilder and wetter. Suddenly, a jet of liquid shot into her shorts and streamed down her legs while her body went into a short fit, causing her body to slump lifeless in my arms. I did stay worried for about ten minutes till she woke up and felt too weak to even sit up.

My fingers fondled with her nipples and pussy for a while more before getting dressed proper and sent her home on a cab. She does need to reach home at 6pm and we made sure both of us had a good time, both mentally and physically. A few photos, an hour plus of making out and petting. Not too bad eh? It was the first time she met with someone online, and I hope to be the best and last one she decided to meet. Which guy doesn’t want to be EVERY girls’ last? :P

Vanilla was definitely a girl to die for, and despite her curiosity about sex and intimacy, she was no way a slut nor an easy girl. Just a little adventurous, hungry for experience (in a few areas) and owned a simple unbiased view on almost everything. She should totally be put on an ‘endagered’ species list for her rarity, if there was even such a list for people. Intending to save her virginity for someone special, no one (though she only had one ex) had been physical with her, except her upper part of her body. Vanilla discovered the fun of pleasure, but not yet at the expense of the convenience guys whom were just interested to lay their hands on her.

Guys, we should keep the naive girls naive, gullible untouched, and the innocent clean. There’s the smart, flirty, teasing girls that deserves our effort and challenges to earn and keep right? As much as blur, silly, confused young girls sounds fun to play and easy to get, it wouldn’t be ethical nor humane to be preying on minds unprepared or unguarded against the real world. Sure, easy sex seems totally irresistible. So, are you a horny bastard, or a skilful Casanova?

Part 1 | Part 2


Marianna and I arranged to meet after a long time since we graduated from NYP. Since she stayed in Tampines, and I had no plans for the day, I went over and met her. Not before she changed the venue to Pasir Ris’ eHub at the last minute.

Me: ‘Woah Anna. So long never see you, slim down a lot huh.’

And I really meant a lot. She wasn’t fat to begin with, just a tummy and wider thighs. She worked herself out in gyms and yoga classes till she was this gorgeous. Somehow, I couldn’t get my eyes off her 24 inch waist she kept bragging to me about how much she went through to get it. Oh, I haven’t even describe what she wore that day, a low cut white top and a light cotton pink skirt.

Marianna: ‘You too. Haha. Much more macho after going into army ah. Hehe. Totally tempting.’

What did she mean? Hmm. Maybe something is going to happen after all. We walked closely and updated each other about our lives. She had really changed to another person, full of confidence and laughter. She would be a girl any guy would enjoy talking to and might even make a good girlfriend too.

Marianna: ‘Oh wait wait. I wanna get a bikini!’

And she pulled my hand into one of the small shops along Downtown East. Taking her time hopping around the hangers, and occasionally placing the sets against herself, checking and asking me if it looked alright.

I mean.. How can she look not good? Her figure would only drop jaws, all that’s required was a dress or less on her.

Marianna: ‘How’s this?’

She pulled out a hanger sideways from a row of colorful swimwear. It was purple, matching halter top and bottom. Her sweet smile would melt anyone. Not just guys. She liked purple, and it wasn’t that weird to be in for a piece of clothing to go into the waters with.

Me: ‘I like it. Will this be your final choice?’

Marianna: ‘Yupp! This shall be it.’

She took it to the changing room and starting stripping, piece by piece her clothed fell to the floor, which was uncovered by the curtains. Finally, her black bra and her feet disappear for the panties. It was sure damn sexy to imagine her stripping and finally dropping her g-string onto the floor.

A few minutes later, she drew open the curtains, showing off her body in the bikini. All I could do was to gasp and nod. And she got it.

She went back behind and dressed up quickly to complete her purchase. We then went for a walk around the whole place before she wanted to find a place to sit. Somewhere that was quiet and undisturbed. The stairs.

We went to scout for a stairway that is far from public access and sat there, chatting about my army things.

Marianna: ‘Umm. Hold on. I think I need to take out my contacts. It’s dry.’

She took out her contact case and removed them. Placing it back into her bag and taking a pair of huge cute glasses.

Marianna: ‘We’re staying here for a while right? I’ll rest my eyes for a while. And I’m blind!’

Well, her degrees were as high as eight hundred. Might as well claim herself blind. She closed her eyes and rested her head at the railings. It was a tempting sight to behold. Her soft luscious lips, and peaceful sleepy eyes. I shifted my body in front of her and lightly touched her lips with mine.

Her eyes opened wide and looked at me. I didn’t know what to do all of a sudden, just staring back at her and did not move an inch. Her hands then went to the back of my head and held me tighter against her face, her tongue responded. It was a small, wet, excited tongue that was happy to meet my thick, wide one. We frenched for a while before her hand went between my thighs, pulling down on the loose shorts along with my underwear.

Me: ‘Anna, you are so hot in this (while I roamed her body with my hands) you’re melting me.’

Marianna: ‘And wetting me with you melts.’

With our lips still interlocked, she went down a step and started preparing my rod for a good licking down. A little peck later, her lips separated from mine and met the other ‘me’. Working from the sides, I could feel her tongue running all over, coating it wet. Her lips then wrapped around it and went down deep into her warm mouth, squeezing me with every stroke in and out. Every once and then, her throat will give me a treat and the tongue would twirl in rounds around the head, all I could do was moan and find things to grab.

A few minutes later, I lifted her head up and she came back up the step to sit beside. My turn to go down a step, and her legs opened for me, revealing her black g-strings with crystal studs near the edge of the bigger patch ;) There wasn’t really the need to remove it, since it was almost non-existent. I slipped two of my fingers into the dripping cunt and she took it all in without effort. Shaved, smooth, beauty.

My fingers took its time and explored as much as I could, probing, feeling, scratching, wriggling into every unknowns. She was surely enjoying it as she gasped and struggled to relieve the tickles and overwhelming pleasure. Within twenty minutes, she had to stop me and complained that she couldn’t take my teasing anymore.. and require something warmer, harder and longer. She turned around and faced me, while I moved two more steps down to the landing, she slid down my face and realising it does have a nice ‘after shower’ smell, I took a taste of her juice and sure enough, smelled just like her.

Me: ‘You are sure wild.’

Marianna: ‘And you aren’t any bad either. Rawr!’

Marianna: ‘You know, you’re the second guy to have fucked me, apart from my ex.’

I had never expected her to get so wild and daring, probably given her figure, it would look good on CCTV footage too, and might even be better than Tammy’s. A girl who used to be innocent and would get shy around guys, now became someone so open. Almost first blood, second wasn’t too bad. :)

Her hips continued descending with help from the handrails until she was right above my dick. Aiming it at the opening, she sat down and engulfed the whole thing in somewhat felt like a wet, warmth, tight, mind-numbing sensation. I couldn’t move much since it felt like my balls were ready to blow anytime. She wrapped her hands around my neck and started moving up and down, well, I had to say, it was quite intense, the slapping of our thighs were echoing across the levels, and it wasn’t that bad since the full length of it were just standing there for her to enjoy.

However, the back and forth motion following, was seriously, an overload on my mind. It was like using my dick as a scrub, moving everywhere, scrapping and brushing along every corner of her pussy, triggering all the neurons in my brain to climax already. I had to hold it in with all my might, both physically and mentally until she popped the question, which would make guys smile and unload.

Marianna: ‘Are you cumming soon sweetie? I can’t take it anymore!’

All the while sliding across my thighs back and forth, trying to keep her gaze on me. A heave and I pushed every inch into her, working all my pumps to get every drop inside, making sure my soldiers found a home, for a short while. She wasn’t on the pill, nor there was a rubber between us. But no one was worried. Her vacuum sucked every bit of life out of me as she got up, leaving me weak and dazed.

It was one hell of a wild outdoor sex for me! She cleaned herself up, douching with Vagisil wash, and helping me wash mine in it too. Well, we wet the floor with all sorts of liquids and fluids, but it was worth it. The risk, the fun, everything. We got dressed and we continued for a meal, full of teasing under the table, before going for the movie ‘Hangover 2’. Oh, and fingering her with my cum inside was quite kinky and sticky. :p

Movie or Not?

It was a usual Sunday and having no plans, Carine agreed to go out with 2 of her guy friends for a movie. Since it was a screening at a nearby mall, she chose to wear a skirt short enough to just cover her toned butt, and a jacket, leaving its zip low enough to reveal a little cleavage. As the three of them lived within walking distance, they decided to meet below her block since the bus stop was closest. The two guys weren’t surprised at how slutty she was dress as they had seen more of her (body).

Right then at the bus stop, one of the guys forgot his wallet and the whole group accompanied him to retrieve it. Reaching his house, guy B and Carine waited in his living room while guy A went to searched his room for the wallet. B who sat beside her was a little cheekier between the two guys, he placed both his hands over her shoulders and slid into her jacket. Squeezing her boobs while teasing her nipples, rolling them between his fingers.

It definitely wasn’t the first time those guys had laid their hands on her, but being brought up in such an open family, she was fine with them. Getting wetter and turned on by B, she turned around and kissed him. He quickly unzipped her jacket and peeled it off her shoulders, going down and lick her boobs and nipples.

A finally got his wallet and come out, seeing that he missed out the fun, he was getting whiny.

A: ‘Oei B, I go in and take wallet not even 5 minutes you also want to disturb her.’

B: ‘Then you stand there and watch lor.’

Carine: ‘Oei, you all wanna go out watch movie or what?’

A: ‘After this.’

A then carried Carine from behind and she released a soft giggle, along with B, they threw her onto his bed. The two guys double-teamed and A licked her boobs while B played with her vagina. Taking their turns with her, they removed her skirt and thongs along with their own clothes as well.

She got onto the tiled floor in a doggy position while the both of them sat on the bed, receiving a blowjob from Carine. Not at any point in time did she forget to stroke while she sucked any one of them. Within minutes, they could not take the oral anymore and got her up and the started the fucking.

They were like werewolves released from some dungeon after many years, giving her no chance to rest. It was a new threesome position she did. While one was doggy-ing her, the other would lie beneath her, playing with her boobs and kissing her. And once they were tired of that position, they continued to make her work with both her holes, taking one dick from behind, and one in her mouth.

It was one hell of a marathon, the gangbang had no rest, and the two guys were energetic to start with. In the midst of the enjoyment, they two did what they always did when they are cumming. Carine remembered what the both of them loved too. A finished in doggie and cummed on her back, while B ended by blowing his load into her mouth. Returning to gentlemen, they cleaned her up

Carine still had a few hormones not satisfied, so B finger fucked her still she squirted while she cleaned B up by licking him dry. It was easier to clean Carine up, since B managed to get most of her juice down his throat.

After they were done, the movie plans still got carried out, but of course with some actions in the theater. As she was sitting between the two guys, A slid his hands under her skirt halfway through the movie and played with her clit. It was easy for him to enter as she did not wear her thongs back.

Moaning softly, it was impossible for B to notice what A was doing. A kept going despite Carine pleading him to stop. Sure enough, she missed most of the scenes while she came. After the show, B went off first and A offered to send Carine home.

How could A let Carine go home so easily?

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